12 thoughts on “Baby MOFO: First Tracks”

  1. I hope something more will surface… I can’t wait to hear if there is any unreleased track on it!

  2. what’s with the guy who wrote this review?

    “What’s with the xylophone?

    November 1, 2006
    Reviewer: William J. Holmes (Warren, Michigan USA) – See all my reviews

    Evil…pure unadulterated evil…Listen to this one at the peril of your very soul. Have a nice day!”

    –Freak Out (itself, in japanese sleeve)

  3. I was under the impression that the baby Freak Out was somethig different than #377-78, am I wrong?

  4. I think it was xorg who said something to the effect, “There is a reason they were outtakes in the first place.”

    As for Frank’s remixes…ho-hum. Did I hear someone say, “Ruben”?

  5. I have one pre-ordered at Borders (Holiday Savings stuff + Personal Shopping Day=pay little) so I can pick mine up after work on Tuesday. It looks like the remixes from 1970 may be similar to Mothermania versions. I think I’ll piss standing up for now…

  6. Is the 2nd disc excerpts from the 4 cd version or is it SOMETHING DIFFERENT? Will I be forced to buy both versions in order to get everything, which will force me to own at least Four or Five different versions of FREAK OUT? (Vinyl,tape, Rykodisc, little MOFO, big MOFO) Am I a drooling psychotic or just a Fool (Oh No, I Don’t Believe It) and from my money I will soon be parted, again?

  7. Big MOFO will only share the first disc with Baby MOFO (IE FO! album as released). Discs 2-4 will be different than Baby MOFO’s second disc. Yer money will soon be parted by the looks of it.

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