8 thoughts on “Kramer vs Kramer”

  1. Painful indeed. Obviously Kramer was being heckled and didn’t much like it, then tried to recover with something akin to Lenny Bruce but it just didn’t go over. Goes to show how “politically correct” the US has become, when stupid words like “nigger” and “cracker-ass” can still set people off, and then be headlined on CNN as news.

  2. I’m with urbangraffito…
    I’m a Richards fan, not crazy into, but respect the man’s work.
    I do know that if you’re going to have a loud conversation, or heckle a performer, in a comedy club, you’d better come prepared for a flaming. A seasoned stand-up has a good hour of heckle-retardant in the rep; it’s a matter of survival sometimes.
    Unfortunately, no one caught the Lenny angle and racial slurs are the lowest form of retaliation to use – besides “Mother” abuse.
    (I knew I could sneak an ‘on topic’ in here somewhere!)
    Michael’s intelligence allows for so much better than what he gave. And, I knew what he was getting at in his “apology” – even if Dave didn’t…
    What no one seems to get is what FZ tried so hard to explain and defend thru-out his life: no one pushes your buttons but you. There are no words that can compell you to violence; you chose how you respond.
    I can’t/don’t/won’t defend what happened; his outburst was vitriolic, and below him – IMO. The case that’s being made of it has a valuable lesson for all – tho’ none will get it.
    Racial slurs (or any other anti-whatever commentary) cease to exist, not when people stop uttering them, but when people stop being offended by them…
    Ya know people, I aint black, but there’s a whole lotta times I wish I weren’t white – or something to that effect.

  3. I’m not sure I agree with everyone else’s angle. I agree that America is too PC nowadays. But the first line he said was sort of funny, but then he drove it into the ground. Let’s face it, people..he’s not Lenny Bruce. Lenny Bruce would drag those words down to such a level where they were meaningless..this guy is just using them as slurs.

  4. idk, as far as racism goes, its fine with me IF you have a VALID REASON. But this just too far. It was just abuncha cheap shots. his skin color was irrelevant. i mean, a white or hispanic guy could’ve done the same shit, and he actually probably wouldnt have said anything if he were white. He really went overboard…

    But my friend and I have been quoting it all day lol

  5. when stupid words like “nigger”..

    all the more reason blacks should have an equal chance an same amount of years to have whites as slaves and be belittled for about the same time span as the “slave trade” and “.

    Hell freedom of speech freedom this, all races should stick to themselves solve alot of this mess give the whites the south so they can keep their flag the Indians can have the midwest to gamble and drink away their soul, the Blacks the East coast so we can kill off, and rob all the immigrants coming into this “free” and “non-mean spirited country”

    God bless America!

    or just God Bless Americans with “stupid” freedom of speech

    all the more reason I want to join the Taliban sigh*

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