Kill Ugly Radio World Tour: Let’s Roll!

Right, well I’ve pretty much finished doing the cover of Our Latest Pet Project. Just to give you an idea of the mess this has been causing on my desktop, here are some pictures:




The Plastified Cover…:


More on Flickr. What’s more, Dr Sharleena has completed her contribution as well, so this book is ready to hit the road — starting with Tommi. I’ll be putting up a promotional banner shortly but until then, remember: if you want to be part of this, the place to sign up is right over here. Happy doodling! :)

6 thoughts on “Kill Ugly Radio World Tour: Let’s Roll!”

  1. no no no, that’s just the cover! everybody can add whatever you want, the way you want. No need to live up to anything, just whatever Zappa relates to you -a poem, an image, a doodle eveyone in its own way…(i know the syntax of this sentence is not correct, but i hope you understand what i’m saying)

  2. And just like that, she calmed them with a gesture she learned at an extension course in Doctor School…

  3. That cover looks great!!! I had some really good drawings of Frank, but they’re gone now. Our car was stolen and my entire stash of Zappa photos and my art was in it. We got the car back, and all my other stuff was there except my cd player (with Sheik Yerbouti in it, they didn’t touch my other Zappa cds) and my photo folder, which had my drawings in it. I recovered my copy of Relix, my 1995 Guitar Player, and an issue of Guitar Player from 1983 (all with Frank on the cover) and two of my pictures. The rest of it the lotkeeper guy said he threw away.
    So I guess I’ll just do some more artwork for this scrapbook….

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