Kill Ugly Radio World Tour

Remember those scrapbooks that were passed around when you were a kid? A friend would ask you to write or draw something in his/hers and then you’d give it back. Some of the pages would turn out rather cheesy, while others would consist of really cool doodles or collages.

I was thinking: why not do something similar with the entire KUR readership? It would work something like this: I buy a blank sketchbook, put my contribution on page one, and then pass it on by snailmail to the next person in line, who in turn passes it on once s/he’s finished — much the way an Uncle Beat vine works. Once all the pages are filled up (or there no longer is anyone next in line), the last recipient sends it back to me. I would then scan in every single page and post them here and/or on Flickr.

Entries for each page could be anything Zappa- or KUR-related: writing, collages, drawings, glued-in scraps of paper, pictures, prints, etc. With a bit of luck we’d end up with the coolest Zappa scrapbook ever!

What do you think? Would you participate? I have a feeling this is going to be one of those posts with zero comments… :)

Update: Looks like we can take this baby on the road! I’ve set up a thread at the Uncle Beat Forum where you can add your name (and location) to the chain. For those who hadn’t signed up there yet: registration has been re-enabled. Hey Ho Let’s Go!

38 Responses to “Kill Ugly Radio World Tour”

  1. momotte says:


  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    I think it’s a good idea.
    Count me in! Can i be the first one in line? :)

  3. Ryan says:

    Sure, just make sure Barry is second.

  4. Baby Snake says:

    I suppose Baby Snake (me) is third on the list!
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Well this is merely testing the waters… I mean if I were to only get a measly 5 or so responses to this post, I wouldn’t go ahead and kickstart the project.

    If however, enough people are interested to join in, I’ll set up a dedicated thread over at the forums where, just as with a regular vine, “first come, first served” shall be the rule.

    I should also mention that to participate in this is going to be slightly more costly than a regular bootleg vine: a sketchbook is going to have to be sent off from one participant to the next by snailmail (which weighs heavier than a couple of CDs)…

    Should this thing take off though, I plan on dedicating a separate weblog where each entry consists of one participant’s page — with comments enabled!

  6. Rob says:

    Sure, add me to the list. But I don’t want to be first. Any rules/guidelines?

  7. danny says:

    Sure. I’ll do it. can’t be too expensive!!!

  8. Sears Poncho says:

    Count me in!

  9. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Rules? Off the top of my head…:

    – One person, one page
    – Each participant should sign his contribution with a recognizable nickname
    – Anything goes content-wise as long as it’s remotely Zappa related
    – Any content should not add too much weight to the sketchbook (glued-in paper collages and such: okay; key chains and the like: not okay)
    – By signing up, each participant agrees to send the sketchbook on to the next via snailmail

    Oh, and I’d be first in line, don’t worry. :)

  10. Duncan says:

    We have paper!

    We have scanners!

    Why can we not send scans directly to you so that you can staple them together into a book? :)

  11. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Because there’s something about having a book travel around the world just for the sake of Zappa fandom… and because receiving the book and leafing through it would be something of a visceral experience for everyone who participates… and because older contributions might inspire new ones in a way that direct email and scanners just can’t.

  12. Duncan says:

    I knew you would say something like that ;)

  13. ZarFT says:

    are you in yet? we’re in (that is, as soon as we hear back from our lawyer; and, no, this is not actual confirmation we will actually deliver to the next person in line)!

    …is this a cheesey attempt to get us to slip you a copy of Roxy?

  14. Bert says:

    As long there are joyful contributions and no crap, I’m in.

  15. Frunobulax says:

    I’m up fer it.

  16. Hairfarmer says:

    I’m in.
    ‘Guess I should join the forum huh?

  17. Hairfarmer says:

    Of course, someone will have to turn the forum registration on first.

  18. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    Barry, are you kidding?
    I’m in.

  19. Bappy Lorenzo says:

    I’ve always wanted to do one of these!

    In in in!

  20. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Looks like we can take this baby on the road! I’ve set up a thread at the Uncle Beat Forum where you can add your name (and location) to the chain. For those who hadn’t signed up yet: registration has been re-enabled.

    Hey Ho Let’s Go!

  21. jim says:

    i’d like 2 be in on this global silliness also … just so long @ there’s no weird tontine-like blood-oath stuff or ritual bovine sacrifice … should probably try 2 limit mass of each entree, a mural is uncool 4 sure eh?

    have not got even the remote gloaming of a clew WHAT 2 put in: the exact reason i want 2.


  22. Duncan says:

    Why are people keen to do this but are unable to add anything to the Wiki?

    Of course no one will want to sign up for the scrap book thing too early because they will then get to see what every one else has done. ;)

  23. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Well like I said: eventually everybody is going to get to see what everyone else has done, since I intend to post all entries here. But yeah, I had thought about that which is why I’m going first, followed by Sharleena, and then Tommi (HoudiniNation). So I reckon you’ll be the last in line then, Duncan? :)

  24. Balint says:

    Mee tooooo!!!

  25. Bob Again says:

    will there be a chicken?

  26. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Will you participate?

  27. evaristo says:

    Ok, i want in :-)
    There, i even just signed up to the forum, the sort of thing that used to be “none-of-my-business” land until now ;-)

  28. Bob Again says:

    answering your question response to my question…

    the chicken and I have chosen not to participate.

  29. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:


  30. Frank B. says:

    Hey Barry,
    its a cool creative idee! I like it!

    Best Regards
    Frank B.

  31. zappaprincess1990 says:

    This is an absolutely excellent idea, Barry!! I want to do this really badly, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to yet. I’ll have to get permission.

  32. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:


  33. muzza says:

    great idea…a true vision of an idea..i am sure the logistics can be sorted out so the person receiving knows exactly where to send it on to, that would make some sort of geographic attention necessary so it doesn’t go belgium-new zealand-england-australöia-america-france….i think ya know what i mean

  34. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Hey muzza, check out this thread on the forums — it’s where the “chain” is being organized; and yes we try to keep some geographical sense in order there…

  35. zappaprincess1990 says:

    Barry…permission from my parents.

  36. zappaprincess1990 says:

    So, you have to sign up to the forum before you can do this?

  37. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:


  38. zappaprincess1990 says:

    Awrighty…I just hope it’s not too late to do so.

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