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Dissecting TRFZB

Amazon provides a fun little thing called “Text Stats” when you’re on a book page. Here’s what it threw up for TRFZB. We learn that the book’s Flesch-Kincaid Index is 10.2, that it contains 4503 sentences, and that a whopping 12% of the words used in it are “complex”.
Sadly, these stats are presently not available for Watson’s Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play…

It’s A WikiWiki World

Touring Can Make You Crazy is “a new website dedicated to investigate the live entertainment activities of Frank Zappa. It’s a work in progress, so new material will be added every few weeks.” As Unimuta puts it: maybe someone should try to convince Oscar to go wiki? Word of warning though: Wikis can make you crazy

SOFA En La Radio

Just a reminder: don’t forget to tune in to this year’s Zappathon hosted at — especially since TBN official and ETPro co-creator SOFA is scheduled to have a spot on the show!

Dial-up streams: mp3 | RealAudio | Windows
Broadband streams: mp3 | RealAudio | Windows

The Greatest Belgian

Holland’s done it, so have Great-Britain and Germany, and now for Belgium: the search for the greatest Belgian!
My personal shortlist of worthy contenders: Django Reinhardt, Jacques Brel, Adolphe Sax, René Magritte, Victor Horta and obviously: Hergé.
I swear if they choose a footballplayer or a politician, I am moving to Montana.

Princeton Some More

I have a feeling this announcement isn’t really necessary but anyway: Princeton ’73 Pt. Two is available.

Fetchingly Clad

Germaine Greer remembers Zappa:

Once at the supermarket, Frank was sauntering along behind as we two women pushed our trolleys and minded our own business. He was fetchingly clad in a violent turquoise coloured cat-suit which was unzipped to below the navel, showing a plentiful growth of silky black hair with no sign of underwear. A pair of shoppers became fascinated by this spectacle and began following him about, the woman tittering and making loud comments. Frank stood it as long as he could, and then turned to her and roared: “Eat! My! Shit!”

Googly Moogly Maps

Everybody and their mother is linking to Google maps these days, so who am I not to. If you’ve played around with its “satellite option”, you’ll agree that it’s an incredibly cool toy to mess around with. Then there’s those who take it one step further, and, inevitably, those who see the arrival of the new Big Brother.
Me, I figured I’d have a stab at Joe’s Garage

Nappy On the Radio

Original music of Napoleon Murphy Brock will be broadcast next April 21 on Radio4FM from The Netherlands. The music was orchestrated by composer Tom Trapp. Very curious about this!

London Calling

Suppose for a minute, a couple of friends of yours were to visit the town of London (UK), say, somewhere around mid May. Suppose it’d be their first time there, and you were asked to give some advice as to what they must absolutely not miss while there. What advice would you give them?

Bear in mind: for this hypothetical case, those friends would already know about the Crumb exposition

Dime A Dozen

EasyTree is back, only now it’s called Eat that you scumbag lawyers! :)

Princeton ’73

Last week an early 70s show was promised — well here it is: Princeton Uni, April 27 ’73 (Pt. One). I bet you can’t hardly wait!

Update: Balint posted a Petit Wazoo show from December 3 ’72, also well worth checking out…

Could But Couldn’t

Why, in the English language, does one say “I could care less”, when in fact one means “I couldn’t care less”? It’s things like this that keep me awake at night.

(That, and wiki style double square brackets)

RIP EasyTree is history. The skinny:

We’re very sorry having to tell you that we had to shut down EZT forever just a couple of minutes ago. We got a call from our provider, they had received a few letters from a couple of lawyers. They requested EZT to be shut down immediately, otherwise we and the hosting service would be sued. As you may imagine, we do not have the funds to fight a battle we most probably can’t win anyway.

Zappathon 2005

This just in (via SOFA): there will be another Zappathon! It’s scheduled for April 17 between noon & midnight. The details:

It will be webcast at for those who want to tune in. It IS tied into our spring fundraising so there will be stretches of pitches to deal with but I can guarantee you the music will be choice. This one will be co-hosted by John Tabacco and Nigey Lennon and scheduled guests include Greg Russo (author of Cosmik Debris) and Charles Ulrich (currently at work on the book Project/Object).

Last year’s Zappathon was absolutely great, so be sure to tune in!

Wiki Zen

There is Zen to be found in Zappa Wiki Jawaka.