16 thoughts on “SOFA En La Radio”

  1. Yeah ! It’s just started – at 6.30 PM Central European Daylight time.

    Speak of a compromise ;)

    Y’all enjoy !! …

  2. Yes, that must be a compromise… With Johny Cash? Strange way to begin… ;-) (We stopped listenning, since they talked too much – we are working at the moment.)

  3. Yeah, I’d like to know what show it was from.
    Does anybody recognize? It included the “Raisin’ my lonely booger floss” deviation. Terrific version indeed….

  4. Hi Kids. Damn, that was exciting…
    The folks at WUSB promised me a recording of the show, so some of the rare stuff you heard today will be available via Uncle Beat.
    It’ll be a while, but it will be…
    I didn’t over-do the KUR connection, did I?

  5. You didn’t, SOFA; actually his real name is Igor Ames Guglielmus the III…so, no problem about it.
    Too bad i was dead tired and fainted in bed at 12.30 am… Anxiously awaiting for that copy on Uncle Beat!!

  6. I’m listening right now: so far, great conversation!!! and i’m only in the first part…

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