Become Frighteningly Obsessed

“Once you’ve picked your cult hero, the only thing left to do is bring him up in every single music conversation. Compare every other artist unfavorably to your hero. Lament the fact that your hero has “lost it” and “will probably never get it back,” but express your opinion that his early body of work is enough to counterbalance any mediocre material he may have released later. Your hero is the only one who ever really got it right, and as long as you live you’ll never see another artist like him.”
A Guide To Talking Rock

Baby Snakes

Every so often I need a reminder of why I spend money on KUR. Every so often, I get the answer. Today’s answer was purchasing the Baby Snakes DVD. Two hours plus of sheer musical heaven — man I love this one (right down to the five year old Roxy DVD Yet To Come To Fruition Trailer, but I digress). Two questions though: is Roy Estrada’s hairdo real? And is that girl Angel-With-The-White-Painted-Face high on quaaludes or what?

I Am Learn

“I wrote a ridiculous Perl program to generate text. Thing is, it developed some bugs, and has managed to create phrases and combinations of words (which actually make sense) that I didn’t even program in. I hooked it up to the Blogger API, and now it updates its own weblog with no editing on my part (I just give it a bunch of topics to talk about). Check it out, I’ve called it ‘Learn’. It sounds like a typical teenage girl.” (via Kevin Francis)