I Am Learn

“I wrote a ridiculous Perl program to generate text. Thing is, it developed some bugs, and has managed to create phrases and combinations of words (which actually make sense) that I didn’t even program in. I hooked it up to the Blogger API, and now it updates its own weblog with no editing on my part (I just give it a bunch of topics to talk about). Check it out, I’ve called it ‘Learn’. It sounds like a typical teenage girl.” (via Kevin Francis)

5 thoughts on “I Am Learn”

  1. You can now even comment on his postings! Let’s see what comes from that.

    btw: thanks for the gmail adress!

  2. My pleasure whatcha. Hey is that you commenting as portofolato at the Learn blog? I noticed they removed a comment – just curious…

  3. Hey Barry – yes, portofolato, that’s me. but i have removed the post myself. was a double posting for some reason, so i just deleted one ;)

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