4 thoughts on “Les Triplettes”

  1. Yes, it was amazing, but to be honest I have to tell that I wasn’t delighted that much. Being the sensitive guy that I am :-) I felt the lack of emotions there. It seemed to me that none of the caracters had any feelings to the other (or towards the word), it was just the “habit” that kept them together. I couldn’t really like or get close to any of the caracters, they had no REAL identity, they were much more like a kind of machines, or so – the whole thing was a bit frightening and cold to me. Of course, otherwise it was really professional.

  2. Aaaww Balint, ya big lug you! Re “lack of emotions”, it’s weird but I really didn’t feel that way about the characters while watching. After all, the mother and les Triplettes do get together to save the cycling son. And once again, the animation to me was beyond “professional”, it was… inspired and therefor inspiring. Right away I felt like whipping out a blank piece of paper and start drawing :)

  3. I saw this last year where it was released as “Belleville Rendezvous” ( don’t know why it’s got a different title )and I loved it.
    The puppy becoming the bloated hound, the trains shaking the apartment, the wee rotund boy becoming the unfeasibly large thighed cyclist and the grandmother peeping away on her whistle during training. I thought it was great !

  4. I think “Belleville Rendezvous” is the main musical theme of the film. And yes guac, the storylines you mention are part of why I like it so much!
    (ps my well esteemed quacamole: shoot me an email if you please?)

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