4 thoughts on “Streaming Quaudio”

  1. I’ll reserve comment on quadiophiliac but DON’T BUY JOE’S DOMAGE. The track listing gives the impression that there is some new material BUT THERE ISN’T.It is a rip off – just a poorly recorded rehearsal tape, full of stops and starts and mumblings while FZ explains to the musicians how to play their parts. If this is the best that Joe Travers and Gail can come up with from the fabled vaults then ferrrgeddit!

  2. I agree, Joe’s Domage sucks. I received Joe’s Corsage, Joe’s Domage and Quaudiophiliac yesterday and I couldn’t even get through Joe’s Domage in one sitting. I kept thinking that it was going to get better, but it doesn’t.

    On the other hand, Joe’s Corsage was totally worth the price. Please, don’t release anything as bad as this again!

  3. The three tracks from Quaudiophiliac provided by NPR are pretty good. Is the rest of the album worthwhile? I don’t want to get ripped off again!

  4. I totally disagree on ‘Domage’ – I think it’s wonderful! Given it’s advertised as a rehearsal tape, I fully expected what I got. And given the importance of the material they’re playing, I find it fascinating to see how this stuff eveolved in such a short time.
    I’ve played it 12 times in a week, so as far as I’m concerned, Gail and Joe are my heroes of the month!

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