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Loeb & the Dweez

Was Dweezil a weasel? Loeb’s new CD all about her former love: “the lyrics tell the tale of all stages of her relationship from good to bad to single and OK with it. The songs are personal, but not Fiona Apple-esque — raw and painful. ” (Note #1– can someone tell me what ‘Fiona Apple-esque’ stands for? Note #2– yes: absolutely nothing is happening, so I link to this kind of story. Sad, I know.)

FZ Gig List Now With Playlists

If you head over to the FZ Gig List (at least, my version of it), you’ll note that I’ve now cross-matched it with Jon Naurin’s FZ Shows. When available, the play-list for any given concert will now be listed underneath the city/venue/country. This cross-match is not perfect though, as both txt-files were formatted in very different ways so I’ve had to jump through quite a few hoops to make them hook up. From brief testing, I’d say the match is about 99% accurate. Have a look and tell me what you think…

Ye Olde Grey Gym Sock

A whole bunch of free video-downloads of comedian Bill Hicks’ performances throughout the years including “Ye Olde Grey Gym Sock”, described by some as Hicks’ best routine ever.

Shiny Happy Brits

If you travel to the UK one of these days, don’t be surprized to see nothing but shiny happy people.

Nappy in Italy, 2004

Here’s a piece of video from a show with Napoleon singing/playing/dancing. I didn’t understand the band’s name, but they seem to be good. The quality is… welll, it’s not the best. I could only watch it online, I don’t know if there is a way to download it. Let’s move to Cleveland.

SuperFreak RIP

Super Freak RIP. At least the man never turned into a bore

FZ Gig List Goes Live

Back in early May I mentioned how I was trying to create a database-backed version of Charles Ulrich’s FZ Gig List (which is an incredible work of dedication and stamina in and of its self). The idea was to make searching through all that information a little easier. So here now, is my version. Real programmers would call my disorderly bit of code-fiddling “beta”, so I’ll refrain from using that term ;)
Try it out, and tell me what you think. Usual lay-out disclaimer: Hey, it looks good on my computer!

Pup-tent Affair

Michael’s Sketchy & Sci-Fi Book Covers

Subservient President

Finally, a way for Americans to make their president do what they want him to.

Brain Voice Read

A Yahoo-list I subscribe to just got hit with the weirdest piece of spam I’ve had the pleasure of coming across. It goes something like this: “Help! Murder, Hong Kong police useing Brain Voice Read / Write Machine Murder Hong Kong people, 100% true story, please e-mail the world people and send 1 e-mail Hong Kong government, 1*10*100*1000….., thank my dear Internet friend.” The mail is accompanied by this rather cryptic diagram. Luv’ley.


“At last an epidermic, polysemic accessory, a successful alchemy between captivating & repulsive for a less accomodating yet terribly efficient fashion.” Looks like a job for Clarice Starling if you ask me.

Whoda Thunk

American researchers from the University of Pennsylvania recently spent some time researching why the French remain so much slimmer than Americans. After intensive study, they came to a remarkable conclusion. It was because the French ate less.

A Dozen Drowned Witches

A dozen drowned witches, a Big Swifty and an ant-bee. Yes: thebignote has updated once again…

The Sound Of Legs Crossing

“There’s something delicious about the way women cross their legs the way they half-smile when they do. Women have a sixth sense about such things, it’s something primordial, something unconscious that goes on. And it’s certainly NOT haphazard because there are very few women who don’t know what they’re doing: that’s what distinguishes women from the girls.”
David Walley, author of “No Commercial Potential, the Saga of Frank Zappa” recently revamped his website and in the process, has been adding content like there’s no proverbial tomorrow. Go check his writings, you won’t be disappointed.