Meet Robostrider

A tiny robot that can walk on the surface of the water. Interesting. But, please, check Fig 5. What is this? Is this a censored picture of two water striders, caught in the act..? Notice the euphemism in the text “during rowing or to support the weight of a companion”…oh, yes…duh, rowing! What about the stripes covering the parts, and the shameful faces, it’s like they say “yes, we are very famous porn water striders stars, but we needed the money, and here we are, posing for this supposedly scientific site…”? Do they think we can’t notice? How many more censorship attacks from the government are we going to support? Aing?

Is this anoter clue for the Conceptual Continuity or what?

Each nation its own beer must have. If your doesn’t, don’t be sad… At leats every nation has its soul (although some people just don’t care). Now that UE went a little larger, you can expand your horizons, and learn something about Finland and Zappa’s relation to Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Well, as you know, some nations also has a Zappa’s statue. It is right there, at the end of Vilnius’ Kalinausko street (click on the thumbnaileye. At the picture on the wall, you can see the “corcovado”, the most well known symbol of my city, Rio de Janeiro). Anyway, since we started with beer, we can’t forget the tities, specially if the girls in question are better than the Beatles! Cheers!

Link Dump

Mr. Filipe writes:

Mr. Barry,
I’m going out now for a “working weekend trip”. I hope it will be the last
for quite sometime… I’m with no time now to put those links at KUR. If
you think it is worthy, please, be comfortable to share the better ones with
the rest of the hungry freaks.

Without further ado!
Pollock and An Analysis of Frank Zappa’s Be-Bop Tango
Giorgio Comolo portraits of Zappa
American Eye
President Clinton, Zappa Male