Scum Deluxe

Well what have we here: the Interfail blog links to a Russian site which has the entire MOFO Deluxe up for download (and more). They also had the courtesy to slap my MOFO package picture on top of the page. Let’s post some comments there, shall we?

And Gail? Are you reading this?

Update: Mr Interfail chickens out, saying: “[…] just not to upset you and yours, i have removed the linx – but they weren’t my work anyway. if some clever user search a little, they’ll find a lot more illegal or legal, zappa or not. thanks for the message on your site to spam my blog. hope you’ll remove it immediately.”

Erh: sic.


Quote Of The Day

From a certain Zappa-list:

Bought a copy of Sheik’s Rehearsals yesterday on the usually reliable Swingin’ Pig label and am currently enjoying such classics as:

  • Hiney, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?
  • Keep It Creasy
  • Watermelon In East
  • Dinah-Moo Humm
  • Little House I Used To Life In

Still, nothing beats my Japanese copy of The Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Rock Wankman.

You Didn’t Try To Ball Me

Baby Snake points out Play It Again Max, a cool blog featuring out of print LP’s never released on CD. One of them is The Plaster Caster Blues Band from ’69 (which has none of the Plaster Casters playing on it btw). The album contains one track entitled You Didn’t Try To Ball Me (Dedicated To Frank Zappa). Here it is for archival purposes:


Oh, and while perusing the aforementioned blog’s link section, I came across this rather familiar sounding name

Список форумов!

Информационный форум. Здесь все желающие могут размещать актуальную информацию (статьи, интервью etc.) о Заппе и музыкантах когда-либо сотрудничающих с ним!
So yeah, I had no idea there was a :)

The Frank Zappa Memorial Fund

The Frank Zappa Memorial Fund:

The American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read Foundation have been designated by the Frank Zappa family as among the organizations to receive contributions made in his memory. The Foundation leads efforts to stop censorship wherever it arises by defending First Amendment freedoms in court and providing legal and financial help in cases involving libraries and librarians, authors, publishers and booksellers.

The Cruncher

Wiki dwellers take heed: here’s a picture of The Rotations’ “The Cruncher” (b/w Heavies) single — from a man who doesn’t seem to like Zappa very much:

Fourth, much of my reaction is due to Zappa Fans and the elitist/evangelical way they come off. My teenage years were littered with a few neighborhood Zappa heads who constantly lectured me on how great and smart Zappa was and how stupid I was for liking Black Sabbath and then punk rock. Fine let them have their club.

Elitist? Moi? :)

Nerf Football

Can I tell you my favourite Frank Zappa story?

He was playing this theme park north of Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland. I forget who opened for him, no doubt another rectal thermometer…
They were abused.

So he comes out with his band to cheers, and they proceed to play Nerf football on stage for over half an hour. Everybody starts booing, people getting really upset, and all these people started to leave–about half the audience. Frank stops, looks around, goes up to the mic, and says, ‘Now that all the assholes have left, let’s rock and roll.’ And apparently he played the best show Toronto had ever seen him play.

A conversation with Tom Waits