Quote Of The Day

From a certain Zappa-list:

Bought a copy of Sheik’s Rehearsals yesterday on the usually reliable Swingin’ Pig label and am currently enjoying such classics as:

  • Hiney, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?
  • Keep It Creasy
  • Watermelon In East
  • Dinah-Moo Humm
  • Little House I Used To Life In

Still, nothing beats my Japanese copy of The Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Rock Wankman.

2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. I’ve bought Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” finally, and it turned out to be an Argentinian (!!!) edition… Although its official (I’ve checked it), it has titles written on the CD, like: “In The Flish”, “Money Lust”, “One of My Tunes”… :-)

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