The Frank Zappa Memorial Fund

The Frank Zappa Memorial Fund:

The American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read Foundation have been designated by the Frank Zappa family as among the organizations to receive contributions made in his memory. The Foundation leads efforts to stop censorship wherever it arises by defending First Amendment freedoms in court and providing legal and financial help in cases involving libraries and librarians, authors, publishers and booksellers.

5 thoughts on “The Frank Zappa Memorial Fund”

  1. Et cum spiritu-tu-ohhh!

    Very worthy: press freedoms are the only reasonable utility 4 defending the other freedoms … & you know it’s getting dire when we gotta start actually worrying about going 2 bat 4 bloody LIBRARIANS (those depraved subversive menaces who threaten our nation’s precious bodily fluids w/ Communist infiltration).

  2. Hey, Jim, it’s them bloody LIBRARIANS one has to watch: they’re the folks who stock their shelves with such subversive items as ‘The Real Frank Zappa Book’ and ‘Freak Out’. Makes one wonder, though, where the ZFT gets all this spare change to contribute in FZ’s name…when they are constantly moaning about the cost of releasing his music from the vault? Hmmmm…

  3. Is it ALWAYS necessary to take potshots at the ZFT?
    Here’s one…

    “I read that the creator of Facebook turned down an offer of
    $1.6 billion from Yahoo. That ol’ slag Gail Zappa
    has a computer. That figures! Just like the Zappas to own computers!

    Merry Christmas, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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