Now That’s Magic

Did you know The Magic Band have an official site? Guacamole (who’s been re-instated as HP poster but can’t post because of some mysterious login problem — Guac, try again!) thought it “not the greatest bit of site design I’ve ever seen but at least there’s some red there to keep you happy”. Once my chuckling had subsided, I went to have a look and, really, I rather liked the design.

Waltz For Guitar

“At age 18, Zappa was experimenting with serialism and the guitar and tossed off Waltz For Guitar. It remained unknown until Keyboard and Guitar Player magazine published a Zappa celebration edition in 1992. In a characteristic comment, Zappa called it ‘…a 12 tone crab canon… it’s kind of short and boring‘”. (thanks Filipe)

Phillips, Erlewine & Given…

…are trial lawyers who specialize in complex commercial litigation. Indeed, Mr Given has written a fascinating article on online music vending. Perhaps slightly more interestingly, a highlight of his career was meeting and interviewing the late musician and composer Frank Zappa.

DMG: Does an artist feel devalued when an artist is censored?

FZ: I doubt whether artists can come to that conclusion. I mean which artists are you talking about?


“Walking up to an indoor farmer’s market, Lisa says that she’s heard they’ve ‘got good stuff in there.’ Dweezil wonders what she’s heard about. ‘Good fruits,’ Lisa says, swinging her hips and sticking out her dinners as she walks, holding Dweezil’s hand. They admire the wares. ‘Cornbread, bananners,’ Lisa points out. Seriously, are we on PBS? She just said ‘bananners.’ What’s next?(Thanks Evaristo)