10 thoughts on “Waltz For Guitar”

  1. I just got a mail from an esteemed reader saying how he’s been receiving some weird spam, shortly after he downloaded that track. Coincidence or is there more to it? Have any of you out there experienced the same?

  2. hello folks. first, Barry, you are welcome. second, no spam device on this harmless mp3. and for Sharleena: no, the silence is just in-between tracks’ silence. but you can see it as some sort of cage’s adition to the piece.

  3. Whew! That’s a relief!
    So I guess the two cookies from terra.com that I removed from my coputer today were NOT used by someone at that server for nefarious gains…
    I was beginning to think I was becoming paranoid in me old age.

  4. Sofa: I’m quite certain that two cookies left on your machine are not enough for terra.com to be able to grab your email address for spamming purposes… However, I would suggest you change from The Big Gaping Security Hole That Is Microsoft IE, to Mozilla’s Firefox. Believe me, you won’t believe you ever used MS IE once you’ve given Firefox a whirl!

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