9 thoughts on “Doreen Speaks her Mind Out”

  1. Very interesting article. I’m really glad for Doreen to have found some peace of mind. As for the Da Vinci connection: I must say kudos to the editorial team over at chicken news. Would’ve never spotted the Roxy album had it not been for that big ass yellow arrow!

  2. I have to say, at first i couldn’t spot it. Then i noticed the arrow, and YES, there it is!! Now, every time i look at the painting i can’t but see the RoxyGrail..!
    Could this be the clue we’ve been searching for so long..??

  3. Well, we always had a big success on Google Ads every time we mention him. How are we gonna pay the bills if this stupid machine doesn’t work? RATZINGER!! We just said RATZINGER!! Hello??

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