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  1. Who complained? These people should be named and shamed!

    Thankfully there were only 3 takers for the Flo & Eddie LP vine… this stuff has never been reissued for good reason.

    Fun? Would you care to define fun?


  2. This is a fantastic boot!

    I have to admit I wasn’t really waiting for a Flo and Eddie boot (why not? it used to be my favourite era), but I just listened and loved every minute of it. Especially King Kong, The Mud Shark and Billy the Mountain. Really nice versions that differ greatly from the ones I already have. Nice sound quality too.

    Thanks Barry. This makes me wonder how many good early boots there are still out there.

  3. Thanks Barry. Frank had so many different bands and approaches, and I for one, really like the Vaudeville Band.
    I’m certainly glad it didn’t over run it’s course, but I will never understand why people hate this era so much. Relax! Comedy relief! Inspired jams! Can’t be Hot Rats all the time! This sounds great. So.. as a relative newbie to this technology, how do I burn this to CD? Is there an FAQ I can consult? Thanks everyone!

  4. Very groovy, but is the end of the Pound solo cut, and it starts up again at the beginning of Sleeping or did my download glitch up? Too bad as it is a very relaxing psychedelic guitar solo.

  5. @Gurney The Grey Attorney: you just use a program that can burn mp3’s directly to cd’s (without first having to convert to, say, wav), like Nero, Easy Cd Creator, MusicMatch Jukebox or WinAmp pro. Make sure you first select you want to make an audio cd and you’ll be fine.

  6. FZ says somewhere (f I remember well) that Fillmore East is between his favorite albums. Well from that time I really like Playground Psychotics, it really sounds great, the solos are better – oh yes: I made a one-CD-version for myself of it…

    But I always liked the 1970 version of this band better – simply because of George Duke. His fingers always make MUSIC!

  7. I remember being kind of disappointed when Chunga’s Revenge, Filmore, etc. came out – it was all so different from Burnt Weeny, Uncle Meat and stuff like that, which I adored. But I was only 13, and so had a lot to learn about a lot. Some of the material from this era still seems pretty throw-away, but then the ‘Sofa Suite’ is absolutely brilliant, and ‘Billy’ is good and a lot of fun. As an ‘adult’ (eck) I have a lot more appreciation for this stuff. And I saw the band on this boot (+ G. Duke, – Don Preston) in Chicago live (Auditorium Theatre), and they were great! (Frank’s guitar playing was incredible – it was the first time I thought of him as a really amazing guitarist).

    One small thing I never liked and still don’t is the cheesy organ sound on all of this stuff. I understand its function in a ‘vaudeville’ context, but still….

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