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Chicago ’80

This week’s Friday Boot: Chicago, 28 November 1980.
A short review of this tour:

This is not Zappa at his best, simply because he did not take the musical chances that he did on past and future tours. It is, however, Frank at his most consistent and his nastiest, playing the guitar with a ferocious attitude that raises an oft overlooked tour to frequently great heights.

Capt. Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention

A nice version of Black Napkins to liven up your drab Thursday, brought to you by Capt. Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention:

Via via urbangraffito. PS: Anyone interested in joining my new band, President Garlic-Breath & The 24 Brothers-In-Law Of Commutation?

ZPZ DVD Previews’s what’s new section really needs permalinks, because I can’t link to any entries directly. Which is why I’m copying them here:

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ZPZ DVD Previews, Posted 03 July 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your audio & visual gratification the upcoming Zappa Plays Zappa DVD proudly presents these delights:


It Sounds Just Like A Telefunken U47 (Again)

The restoration of Frank Zappa’s vintage mic collection, begun in 2005, is now complete:

“We went through three Telefunken U47s, four Neumann M49s, a beautiful matched pair of Neumann M50s, circa 1950, and four AKG C24s, circa 1960. We also worked on an AKG C-12A that was missing a cable and power supply and rebuilt a custom Telefunken Ela M251 using the existing capsule. It was an impressive collection, but if microphones are unused they tend to deteriorate, so we’ve given them a renewed life and got them up and running for Dweezil’s upcoming projects.”

The Gigantic Spoken Word Project

This looks to be a very cool project, aiming to compile a very large collection of Frank Zappa spoken word releases.

There will be some music in there but there won’t be any live concerts in the GSW Project. They consist of radio interviews and journalist reporter type personal interviews.

I know people who will salivate over this, starting right about… now.

The Voice Of Cheese: Ghost Pilot

This week’s VOC comes to us from the Chicago based band Ghost Pilot. Keyboard player Eric Ahlgren sent in a track entitled “Singing Of The Sun”. Eric says:

It includes a looped sample of electromagnetic emanations from our sun which forms the basic harmonic drone around which our song is built. It starts off mellow and builds to an orgasmic frenzy which is sure to really get you out there. When the Sun explodes in 100 million years it’ll become a dwarf nebula…hotcha!

Got some ten minutes to spend on optional, interstellar entertainment? Yeah? Have a listen:

Like it? Download it!