The Perfect Album

Good thread at about the phenomenon of the perfect album. “An album in which every track is great, each one worthy of being a hit. An album with not a single song you would skip past and nothing mediocre or even average.” Here’s the compiled list. Some Zappa picks: Waka/Jawaka, Apostrophe and Joe’s Garage. Can’t believe nobody mentioned Roxy & Elsewhere or OSFA…

Ugly Radio Again

Word has it Napoleon M. Brock did a recording session earlier this year with indie musician Robert Kramer for an upcoming release called “Legacy Of Love”. Meanwhile Kramer himself is on a crusade against sucky commercial radio:

Maybe it’s time for the radio station fatcats to trade in their Jaguars for a nice pre-owned Toyota, return the airwaves to the public, and start programming the kind of music people REALLY want to hear….to quote the late Frank Zappa, it’s time to “KILL UGLY RADIO”..once and for all…

Jim Owens writes: “If Kramer has the cahones to keep steam on this issue, I will certainly support his efforts to knock down some walls for indie music, and all interested parties should do the same.”

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point: a map of the world in which the visibility of each country on the map results from the quantity of media coverage the country receives, so those countries that do not make the news disappear progressively. There’s currently a little black spot at the top right of South-America which probably wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for that bright Christian Right intellectual Pat Robertson. (via udn)


A couple of days ago I saw a documentary on Daniel Barenboim, acclaimed conductor and pianist. Arguably his most important project however is The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra which he founded together with Edward Saïd. This orchestra consists of young Israeli, Lebanese, Lybian, Egyptian and Palestinian musicians who have performed all over the world, including the besieged areas of Palestine — Ramallah being the latest venue (shown on Arte last Sunday).

This post simply to express my utter admiration and respect for a man who’s willing to risk his life simply by playing music. His mission should be an eye-opener for many a hatemonger in the Middle-East. Respect!

Thurston Lava

The Thurston Lava Tube is “a psychedelic, experimental surf instrumental group from Leicester, England”. They are FZ influenced and asked if I could link up to their version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Sure thing! Although I must say it brings back memories of that brilliant Alas Smith & Jones skit where they evoke a couple of indifferent, “all-purpose” party musicians whose sole instrumental accompaniment is a cheap synth. Anyone remember that? Funny stuff!