11 thoughts on “Dedicated to my dad”

  1. “Hey look, we’re seriously nearing a brick wall here in this narrow 500 meter street. Will have to gear down from fifth to 3rd. Now let’s see where’s that pedal that takes care of the brakes? Anyone?”

    Priceless! :D

  2. Yes and the more south you go, the crazier. For instance traffic lights do not seem to matter anybody over there in Naples or Palermo. However there are indeed .. much less traffic car accidents in IT than in BE. They’re simply talented drivers.

  3. This is surely true!
    In Naples the more you drive crazy,the mora you are admired.
    Sometimes you can also expect applause by other drivers.

    But don’t ask ’em where’s your motor…

  4. Try driving in Cyprus…Traffic lights are generally considered to be advisory rather than compulsory!

  5. Hi Barry from Menen, downtown Belgium. SUGGESTION.
    Gewoon eens op de site van VOORUIT gaan kijken, http://www.vooruit.be/ .
    Inclicken op 22 nov. 05, dat is Katia Labèque ( oa piano) met .. Fred Frith , http://www.fredfrith.com/ , nu prof muz. improvisatie in Californië. Niet te geloven, de beste , meest geavanceerde smaak op deze wereldbol.

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