Tubes Cover Zappa, 1972

The following tracks are the two Zappa covers done by The Tubes in a 1972 concert. The exact date and location are unknown, but the concert probably took place in a club in the San Francisco area. I wish to thank hasnamus over at Zappateers who first torrented these Zappacovers (while the audio quality is rather poor, these tracks are great pieces of archival audio history):

Trouble Every Day

King Kong

Holland Doc: Zappa Documentary

For those who missed the posting of this documentary the first time around, here’s it is again (in all it’s glory). Documentary by Roelof Kiers. Zappa talks about his youth, his interest in explosives, blues, guitars, non-Western music and the establishment of The Mothers of Invention. Also, about the unknown possibilities of the vacuum cleaner in family Zappa.

Peek inside Frank Zappa’s vaults, parts 1-4

One Shot Deal (which numbers 83 of all official Zappa releases, in case you’re counting), largely pulls largely from Zappa’s mid-’70s live material, which has never appeared on CD. “One Shot Deal was literally that,” says Gail. “It was like, ‘Come on, Joe. How fast can we make a record?’ I think we put that together in a week. … I heard the [guitar] solo [in ‘Occam’s Razor’], and I said, I have to put this out.’”

Long article in Goldmine (source: Unica)
Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

“There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to release,” says Gail. “We’re going to try to release, minimum five, but possibly eight to 10 projects a year.”

AAAFRNAAA FZ Birthday Bundle 2008

A new release, through iTunes:

01. Dancin’ Fool (Disco Version) 6:18
02. More Trouble Every Day 5:48
03. Gorgeous Inca 3:25
04. Ancient Armaments 4:09
05. America The Beautiful 3:35
06. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch 3:12
07. Saturday Girl 2:50
08. Alice 5:12
09. Espanoza 3:26
10. Dumb All Over 5:46
11. Twenty Small Cigars 5:59
12. Lacksadaisial 5:44
13. Dirty Love 4:04

Thursday Mix: Frank In Memoriam

Another December 4th has rolled around and as usual my thoughts are filled with thoughts of Frank Zappa on this, the 15th anniversary of his passing. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to attend the funeral of my last surviving uncle (as you might have guessed, it was cancer that took him in the end), leaving myself and my own son as the only surviving male representatives of our family (at least my father’s side of it, that is). One thing my family is known for, though, are it’s wakes. Being Irish, we spent all of the day, and most of the evening after his internment at my late uncle’s favorite Tavern toasting to his life and celebrating our experiences of the man. I think we should all treat the anniversary of FZ’s passing the very same way. This isn’t a day to mourn, but to celebrate an incredible individual. I, for one, will spend this day listening to FZ with friends who share my love of the man’s music and vision. To this end, I have put together the following KUR Mixtape of some of my favorite FZ bootleg tracks, entitled, Thursday Mix: Frank In Memoriam.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

Note: If anyone feels we are infringing their copyright, contact us and we will remove the item in question.

Monday Mix: Mothers of the Blues

All right, Summer is officially gone, and Fall is now into full swing. It’s Monday, and there’s probably not very much to celebrate. So, what better time to post another KUR Mixtape to start your week off with a bang, Monday Mix: Mothers of the Blues. I dove into my extensive collection of Mothers music over the weekend and picked out thirty tracks which I thought best exemplified their talent performing the blues (since the Mothers were basically a blues band when they they first formed). My choices weren’t limited to just the early Mothers, either, but also included tracks from solo work by various Mothers alumni, too. So, sit back, relax, and for goodness sakes, “Cheer up, things can’t be that bad…we’ve still got the music…and music is the best!”

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

Note: If anyone feels we are infringing their copyright, contact us and we will remove the item in question.

One Shot Deal — Huh?

A friend finally lent me a copy of the latest ZFT release, One Shot Deal, for review the other day. Although it is always great to hear Frank Zappa, no matter what the excuse, my first reaction upon listening to this compilation was: Huh? What? Why? To any long time listener of FZ (right down to the rabid collector and completist), the tracks on this compilation will all seem quite familiar.

“Bathtub Man” sounds like many of the boogie/jams from the Roxy period (FZ was an obsessive recordist) which found their way onto the bootleg circuit via their road manager, Marty Perellis, who sold many 73-74 soundboard tapes to eager fans. The same can be said for “Space Boogers” and “Hermitage”. I kept getting this feeling that I’d heard these pieces before, or efforts quite like them, from the myriad of brilliant individual solos to be found on so many of FZ’s field recordings from that period of his career.

“Trudgin Across the Tundra” is an early instrumental proto version of the familiar FZ classic akin to the proto versions of Greggery Peccary found on the Wazoo release. “Occam’s Razor (On the Bus – Original Solo)” is one of this compilation’s gems, and the reason that freaks like me collect so many bootlegs and field recordings: to hear the original solos. I first heard “Heidelberg” (opening solo to Yo Mama) on the second disc of the four disc, fan made compilation bootleg, Apocrypha, and again on the cassette tape, The Guitar World According To Frank Zappa, though sounding far superior here.

“The Illinois Enema Bandit” is yet another version of this FZ standard. Probably the weakest point on this compilation is “Australian Yellow Snow”. I have heard better bootleg versions from this tour. The sound, itself, in this recording is really a substandard mix for what is supposed to be an official release. Too often the background vocals nearly drown out FZ’s lead vocals, and the audience chatter becomes very distracting. Perhaps the ZFT are attempting to dumb down our listening standards so they can begin selling us anything with a FZ stamp on it, no matter the quality? If there is one reason, though, for purchasing this CD, “Rollo” is that reason. Wow. I never tire of hearing that song.

Getting back to the premise of this post, though, what was the point of this release? There doesn’t appear to be any, at least none that I can fathom. There is little, if any, conceptual continuity going on. Instead of piecemeal compilations like this one, how about further sequels to the Stage series with complete liner notes? Or the Complete Audio History of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention? Like, Duh?

Bylyder: Frank Zappa

Når Kringkastingsorkestret stiller opp i konsertserien “Bylyder” tar de med seg musikk av blant andre Frank Zappa.

Fredag 11. april kl. 19.30
Lindemansalen, Norges musikkhøgskole (Oslo)

  • Giovanni B. Pergolesi: Musikk brukt av Stravinsky i Pulcinella
  • Igor Stravinskky: Pulcinella, suite
  • Frank Zappa: G-spot Tornado
  • Frank Zappa: Dog Breath Variations
  • Frank Zappa: Revised Music for Low Budget Symphony Orchestra
  • Jon Øivind Ness: Fierce Kentucky Mothers of Doom: konsert for to tromboner og to ensembler

33% Zappa – in Linz, 2nd of April

Live music alert, in Österreich – the Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra will play some Zappa in Linz, at the Brucknerhaus

F. Zappa: “Bogus Pomp”
B. Bartók: Der wunderbare Mandarin (Suite für Orchester) op. 19
L. v. Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 7 A-Dur op. 92

Today’s news: Conductor Ádám Fischer just got the highest award (“Kossuth Prize”) given to any performing artist in all of Hungary!

The same orchestra played on the 100% Zappa event (remember David Ocker’s comments? ).