Thursday Mix: Frank In Memoriam

Another December 4th has rolled around and as usual my thoughts are filled with thoughts of Frank Zappa on this, the 15th anniversary of his passing. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to attend the funeral of my last surviving uncle (as you might have guessed, it was cancer that took him in the end), leaving myself and my own son as the only surviving male representatives of our family (at least my father’s side of it, that is). One thing my family is known for, though, are it’s wakes. Being Irish, we spent all of the day, and most of the evening after his internment at my late uncle’s favorite Tavern toasting to his life and celebrating our experiences of the man. I think we should all treat the anniversary of FZ’s passing the very same way. This isn’t a day to mourn, but to celebrate an incredible individual. I, for one, will spend this day listening to FZ with friends who share my love of the man’s music and vision. To this end, I have put together the following KUR Mixtape of some of my favorite FZ bootleg tracks, entitled, Thursday Mix: Frank In Memoriam.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

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16 thoughts on “Thursday Mix: Frank In Memoriam”

  1. Thanks for the mix. it will make my horrible workday a little less horrible and whole lot weirder!!

  2. exxxxxxcellent compilation. Oh god, and what a quality!… Nice! Thanks!
    (I was surprised to hear parts of the Miami show, oct. ’76. I have that one (“MIami MatinĂ©e”), but thats another version, and do not listen to that too often).

  3. [quote comment=”3155″]A wonderful muxtape, sadly it’s better than the “One Shot Deal” ‘sampler'[/quote]

    By what criteria?

  4. [quote comment=”3157″][quote comment=”3155″]A wonderful muxtape, sadly it’s better than the “One Shot Deal” ‘sampler'[/quote]

    By what criteria?[/quote]

    subjective aesthetics plus the (nearly) universal praise by the fan demographic…

  5. In the early years since Frank’s passing, they used to have go dark for the day. I forgot to look, but I don’t think they have done that for several years, have they?

  6. Also the finnish composer, multi-intrumentalist and mainly bass player Pekka Pohjola ( died recently. I remember you posting a hilarious finnish cover if YMCA in which he played bass on the studio orchestra. I strongly recommend his albums for all Frank Zappa fans. It’s been only roughly a year since i discovered Zappa myself and I for one shall drink to him tonight… and for all the passed great musicians, hail!

  7. Excellent mixtape, UrbanG. Chunga is one of my favorite starts to a show.
    I agree with your approach to celebrating Frank’s death like a Irish wake. Cancer grabbed my dad in ’86 at the young age of 60. People are still talking about his Irish wake, it was a true celebration of his life and I’ll never forget it. Sorry for the passing of your uncle. My family is getting smaller as well. It’s sad, but I have many fond memories of them and that’s something.
    So thanks for the tape and I’ll lift a glass to toast Frank and your uncle. To life! Hmm . . . tasty!

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