Zappanale (Then & Now) — Bogus Pomp

Bogus Pomp began in August, 1994, when guitarist Jerry Outlaw and keyboardist Rick Olson got together for some informal jamming. It started out as a quartet  (Jerry Outlaw: guitar, vocals – Rick Olson: keyboard – Alex Pasut: bass – Tom Mccowan: drums), but quickly grew to a 10 piece ensemble. The Bogus Pomp Orchestra consists of Bogus Pomp (the 10-piece electric band), plus a 15-piece chamber ensemble. They’re based in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.

The band has performed concerts with New York Big Band leader Ed Palermo, and in 1998 and 1999 performed with Zappa alumni, Ike Willis. Since October 1999, Napoleon Murphy Brock has been a permanent member.

In the clip above, performing as the “Bogus Pomp Semi-Acoustic Orchestra” feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock at the St. Katharinen church in Hamburg, Germany, on August 13th, 2008 (organized by the Arf Society and opener for Zappanale 2008), the band performs “The Idiot George Bush Son” and “Sleep Dirt”.

Click here to download or listen to German radio broadcast of this Hamburg concert (It’s well worth the listen).

Other Bogus Pomp downloads:

BOGUS POMP with THE FLORIDA ORCHESTRA and IKE WILLIS (New Music Series, Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg, Florida, January 16th, 1999)

BOGUS POMP, Live on WMNF 88.5 FM Radio in Tampa Florida, February 7th, 


Bogus Pomp appeared at Zappanale 15 and 19.

Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra

Listen to (parts of) last August’s concert by the Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra at St Katharinen’s Church in Hamburg here (~100 mb, from the NDR radio – via the Idiot Bastard).

By the way: Bogus Pomp Is Good. Their Little House:

Hats off to:

Jerry Outlaw: Guitar, vocals, bandleader (I think);
Alex Pasut: Bass
Rick Olson: Keyboards, vocals, guitar
Ross Jobson: Keyboards, vocals
David Coash: Vibes, marimba, percussion, vocals
Jason Caren: Drums
David Pate: Sax
Byron Hogan: Cello

The wonderful orchestration is by Tom Trapp, as far as I know. Oops, and someone just made an edited version of the abovementioned radio broadcast – here. With Napoleon Murphy Brock in some tunes. Hey.

(See the original setlist here. Did I mention that this is wonderful music and orchestration?)

33% Zappa – in Linz, 2nd of April

Live music alert, in Österreich – the Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra will play some Zappa in Linz, at the Brucknerhaus

F. Zappa: “Bogus Pomp”
B. Bartók: Der wunderbare Mandarin (Suite für Orchester) op. 19
L. v. Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 7 A-Dur op. 92

Today’s news: Conductor Ádám Fischer just got the highest award (“Kossuth Prize”) given to any performing artist in all of Hungary!

The same orchestra played on the 100% Zappa event (remember David Ocker’s comments? ).