33% Zappa – in Linz, 2nd of April

Live music alert, in Österreich – the Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra will play some Zappa in Linz, at the Brucknerhaus

F. Zappa: “Bogus Pomp”
B. Bartók: Der wunderbare Mandarin (Suite für Orchester) op. 19
L. v. Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 7 A-Dur op. 92

Today’s news: Conductor Ádám Fischer just got the highest award (“Kossuth Prize”) given to any performing artist in all of Hungary!

The same orchestra played on the 100% Zappa event (remember David Ocker’s comments? ).

Author: Balint


8 thoughts on “33% Zappa – in Linz, 2nd of April”

  1. That’s an truly adventurous playlist for an orchestra. That’s far beyond combining FZ music with for instance Ligeti; or combining Bartok with Van Ockeghem or Duke Ellington. Indeed classical orchestras experience this sort of combining things as almost revolutionay, i e not done.
    Good to see that the Hungarians overlook that and are initiating adventures ( in programming).
    I wonder how many people are ready to attend the concert. The possible audience is split up in two parts, which ignore and even despise each other.
    And Austrians are well known as conservatives. Just have a look at the major troubles the innovator Gerard Mortier – when he was director of the Salzburg Opera- experienced both with the local authorities and the public.
    However this is the good contemporary musical side of Austria: Franz Koglmann. http://www.scaruffi.com/jazz/koglmann.html . From Strass to Orte der Geometrie, from Ellington to L’ Heure Bleue. Greeat artist.
    Balint; my guess is that FK is a byproduct of the old double monarchy, ie a strong Hungarian musical input.

  2. (…am I the only one who gets tired of this “the Hungarians”, “the Austrians” type of generalisations? [and: NO, I don’t want to hear any “proofs” showing the “truth” behind these statements, please.]…)

  3. [quote comment=”142″](…am I the only one who gets tired of this “the Hungarians”, “the Austrians” type of generalisations? [and: NO, I don’t want to hear any “proofs” showing the “truth” behind these statements, please.]…)[/quote]
    [quote comment=”143″][quote comment=”142″]am I the only one who gets tired of this “the Hungarians”, “the Austrians” type of generalisations?[/quote]
    Well that’s the Belgians for you! :)[/quote]

    Well, that’s the Europeans for you! They may live close together, but do they really get to know one another? Let’s count the conflicts shall we: 30 years war, 100 years war, Napoleonic War, WW1, WW2, Bosnia, Kosovo….

    What is it that makes them so angry? I know! It’s all that classical music! Bach! Wagner! Mozart! It’d drive anyone to fits of violence!

  4. Well there aren´t “the” Germans, “the” Belgians or “the” French. That sounds a bit categorized for me, too. It´s a bit like, “the” Irish always sit in pubs and are drunk, or “the” Germans eat Bratwurst & Sauerkraut all day long and “the” Belgians have cellars all over the place to hide little children for abuse.

    Oh by the way: Does anybody remember a band called The The: Recently, The The have enjoyed a small surge of attention in the United States thanks to an M&M’s advertising campaign, which has been using the band’s song “This is the Day” as its theme music.

    I must confess, that I sometimes say “the” Americans or “the” French, too. But since I feellike a cosmopolitan having just a small window of lifespan on this earth, I´m not saying it this way to build borders. And I guess, bernard didn´t mean it this way, too.

    Remember: Most of the time on this planet, you´re dead. And behind every dead person stands 20 (or more) persons, who lived here, too.

  5. Sorry, Balint. From my side that’s the result of having worked for( yes, yes) 25 years in & with the E. U institutions.
    I believe in an united Europe ( even a federal one). However I’m very aware of the differences. Just one example : their respective humour is truly different ( basically based on different fears).
    I can imagine what a nightmare it is – every now & then – to work for the UN.

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