Bylyder: Frank Zappa

Når Kringkastingsorkestret stiller opp i konsertserien “Bylyder” tar de med seg musikk av blant andre Frank Zappa.

Fredag 11. april kl. 19.30
Lindemansalen, Norges musikkhøgskole (Oslo)

  • Giovanni B. Pergolesi: Musikk brukt av Stravinsky i Pulcinella
  • Igor Stravinskky: Pulcinella, suite
  • Frank Zappa: G-spot Tornado
  • Frank Zappa: Dog Breath Variations
  • Frank Zappa: Revised Music for Low Budget Symphony Orchestra
  • Jon Øivind Ness: Fierce Kentucky Mothers of Doom: konsert for to tromboner og to ensembler

Author: Balint


11 thoughts on “Bylyder: Frank Zappa”

  1. Garry: So, the Norwegians find it, and they dig it out of the ice…
    MacReady: That’s right, Garry. They dig it up, they cart it back to their base. Somehow it gets thawed, it wakes up, probaly not the best of moods, and… I don’t know, I wasn’t there!

    (From Carpenter´s “The Thing”, 1982)

  2. It was awesome.
    From the beginning: Ness’ Concert for two trombones and two ensembles was beautiful, and an exercise in symmetry. Two grand cassas, two grand pianos, two of everything, interacting in true stereo. And there was lots of zappaesque humor in it.

    I found Pergolesi and Stravinsky surprisingly boring. Maybe it’s only me.

    Dog Breath was a little disappointing to me, but all in all ok.

    Low Budget is always good, also this time. The guitar parts was to anonymous for my taste, no edge at all, but they also hired the great drummer Erik Smith, anything but anonymous.

    And finally G-spot Tornado. Fantastic. Motivated musicians having a ball and tons of drums and fun stuff. The man with mustache we are not allowed to visualize, named it G-spot Tornado for a reason.

  3. Hi Harald – thanks for the info! As far as I know, the orchestra belongs to the Norwegian Radio. Is there any recording available from the event? It would be nice!

  4. The event was recorded and I expect it to be broadcasted in a while. I’ll post back if I find out where and when.

  5. Public radio recordings of FZ music.

    Many years ago- in the late 80 ties, beginning of the 90 ties- I attended a concert in the Flagey building in Brussels. It was organised by the Flemish public radio.
    Program : nothing but FZ music. Very good concert, by the way. Performed by (1) a string quartet , ie the best students of the Brussels Conservatory and (2) a big band, conducted by an energetic englishman.
    I remember
    – that Inca Roads transcribed as a string quartet was extraordinary wonderful,
    – that is was released one way or another.

    Anyway VRT radio should still have the tapes in the archives.

    A suggestion : just get in touch with them, for instance via Zjaki Willems.

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