Freak Out in Cucamonga

Adam Fiorenza, one of the guys who’s now wrapping up the Cucamonga documentary, is putting on a concert on July 30th at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He writes: We are calling it “40 Miles East of L.A.: Freak Out in Cucamonga.” It will feature Zappa-inspired compositions, as well as songs performed by original … Continue reading “Freak Out in Cucamonga”

Cucamonga Revisited

More information about the upcoming Cucamonga Years documentary: By the end of 2005, filmmaker Fiorenza of Pasadena and producer Miley of Whittier plan to wrap up two years of exhaustive research, culminating in a documentary that celebrates the artists and bands that passed through the Pal studio during its heyday.[…] In the end, Fiorenza said … Continue reading “Cucamonga Revisited”

The Cucamonga Years

Mentioned in a Miles’s book recent review by David Allen: “Meanwhile, local Zappa fans Derek Miley and Adam Fiorenza are still plugging away on their documentary about the “Freak Out!” musician’s early days.” “The filmmakers, both 22, are working on a documentary focusing on Zappa’s “Cucamonga years” and campaigning for the city to memorialize the … Continue reading “The Cucamonga Years”