The Voice Of Cheese: Stephane Jose

It’s… VOC #6! This week’s track is entitled Fraktal Suite Part 1 and was submitted by Stephane Jose who says:

The project is called “Fraktal Musik and other 2-bits pieces”. It consists of the Fraktal Suite (a piece in 5 parts) and a collection of various computer generated and assisted music I have done over the last couple of years. Maybe KUR readers comments will encourage me to finish the work and actually do something with it. Who knows?

As always, your comments are more than welcome. Have a listen:


Note: Stephane opted to offer this track as streaming audio only.


… a good place to raise your kids up! Lame joke, as I’m sure you’ll agree. However, allow me to state again that:

  1. Anyone who wishes to contribute to KUR’s World Tour Scrapbook is still more than welcome to apply.
  2. Budding musicians, basement four-track noodlers and fumblers that wish to showcase their music here are still more than welcome to apply for The Voice Of Cheese.

The Voice Of Cheese: Pierre Vervloesem

Another Tuesday, another VOC! Pierre Vervloesem is quite a wellknown name in the Belgian alternative music scene. I first got acquainted with his music via X-Legged Sally, and later Flat Earth Society, two bands he was/is a member of. Pierre also produced Worst Case Scenario, debut album of the now famous band dEUS. Anyway! Here’s his contribution, entitled Burba Bubba. Pierre says:

It’ s a one take midi guitar impro that I arranged to death so I look like a brilliant composer.

Well that worked out perfectly if you ask me! Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

The Voice Of Cheese: Michael Pabst

It’s time for another Voice Of Cheese! This week’s contribution comes to us from Michael Pabst and his band The Research Institute. The track, entitled 4 12 93 was composed by Michael and features him on bass. Quite Zappaesque if you ask me… Have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

The Voice Of Cheese: John Russell

On to the third Voice of Cheese! This one comes to us from John “Squid Decor” Russell. He says:

This is an instrumental which started on the bass. The bass has a perpetual repeat going. So In the spirit of Adrian Belew, I sort of build on this foundation.. adding notes to it. I layer a tasteful guitar melody over the top. It has a pedestrian beat to it. Very easy going… and reminds me of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatros song.

Click the arrow to have a listen:


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The Voice Of Cheese: SOFA

Welcome to VOC’s second installment — brought to you by SOFA and his No Rehearsal Band! The track SOFA decided to send in is a rendition of “Down In The Boondocks”. This one couldn’t be farther away musically from our first guest appearance — yet the Conceptual Continuity remains obvious – if only for the delightful doo-wop slash barbershop influences. SOFA says:

This song by Joe South has always been a favorite of mine. I remember the version by Billy Joe Royale as a kid. Then Ry Cooder redid it for an album in the early 80’s; my brother and I included it in our duo act at the time. When we whipped it out one night at an early NRB gig [Jan 27, ’07 – ed.], it just fell into place, right down to the acapella ending. It’s still one of our best numbers, and often our opening song for an evening.

The No Rehearsal Band, starring SOFA (second from the left)

Click the arrow to have a listen:


Like it? Download it.
Note: I am aware that this is a copyrighted cover. If any interested parties object, please just drop a note and I’ll remove the download link.

Sidenote: submissions keep coming in — and every single one of them will, in time, be featured here in accordance with The Queue. Want to be part of The Voice Of Cheese? Read The Manual. :)

The Voice Of Cheese: Joe Cronin

It’s a joyous day here at KUR as we kick off our Voice Of Cheese series! The first contribution comes from Joe Cronin. Joe says:

It’s pretty strange but seems to have a circular sort of logic about it… I am a Big Zappa fanatic. Have known Scott Thunes for 25 years. He was a roomate of mine a million years ago — long story… Now he is a neighbor, here in San Rafael Cal.

The track is called “PLINK”. Click the arrow to have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

Announcing The Voice Of Cheese!

Now then: about that poll. At this time of writing, out of 257 voters, 39% (a nominal 99 votes) declared they not only play music, but have recorded some of it as well.

The plan, as obvious as it must have probably been, is to showcase a KUR reader’s recording, say once per week. I would host your track, have the commenting masses do their thing, and we’d hopefully find some gems in the process here and there. To be clear: your tune needn’t be Zappa-esque or avant-garde or something like that. Anything goes — from hillbilly country-music through Klezmer to high-brow electronic music.

So here’s how I got it worked out practically:

  1. Those interested: feel free to drop me an email!
  2. Subject line: “KUR Reader Music Submission” (this is important as otherwise your submission shall go the way of the dodo)
  3. Body of email contains name of track, your name and/or band-name and preferably some more information
  4. Please do not attach any mp3’s in your email
  5. I will contact each contributor for details on how to obtain the track
  6. Your track will be hosted at KUR should you not dispose of your own online hosting facility
  7. Contributions will be posted chronologically — that is to say: in accordance with the email queue
  8. Each track should be in .mp3 format, and should not exceed a 6Mb size limit (this includes the 25 self-declared Eric Claptons)
  9. By entering, you confirm that the track’s copyright is yours.

Care to join the Voice Of Cheese? You know the drill! :)