… a good place to raise your kids up! Lame joke, as I’m sure you’ll agree. However, allow me to state again that:

  1. Anyone who wishes to contribute to KUR’s World Tour Scrapbook is still more than welcome to apply.
  2. Budding musicians, basement four-track noodlers and fumblers that wish to showcase their music here are still more than welcome to apply for The Voice Of Cheese.

2 thoughts on “ReminderVille”

  1. Totally unrelated: I grew up half a mile away from Centerville, Massachusetts. We had liquor stores, but in Massachusetts they’re called package stores, or “packies” for short.

  2. Indeed I got the droodles book of robert price!
    I was used to read it when I was very young, years before knowing the cover of ship arriving to late!

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