Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American.

So finally here it is: Conservapedia!
(“There is no page titled “zappa”. You can create this page. “)

10 thoughts on “Conservapedia”

  1. Ohmyohmyohmy…. what a find.

    On the page Examples of Bias in Wikipedia they’ve made a fine collection of bias themselves.

    Also: where is it stated that Wikipedia is or should be an American-only medium? That’s right, cower before the existance of different viewpoints!

    I was also hard pressed at finding any page on conservapedia that doesn’t mention wikipedia at all.

  2. Ideology filters knowledge. Looking for facts & figures to prove their right. Always been that way.

    Basic line ( and thus major point for discussion ) is: the content of the history books in high school.

  3. Fun for the whole traditional family-unit!

    Anyone wanna start up a “Torquemada” page … or an “Iran-Contra” page … or a “Halliburton” page … or a “Tammy Faye Baker” page?

    Or fer that matter, can ANY entity in the known multiverse kindly tell me just what the flaming frack ” A CONSERVATIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA YOU CAN TRUST” actually IS?!

    Phew, it’s the paradoxical pong of Eau d’Oxymoron!
    Quick, Ethyl – The Flit!

  4. Funny that Frank called himself a ‘conservative’. He was always ahead of his time. The American Republican party is not conservative in any coherent sense, any American sense of the word, and that’s becoming very clear to a lot of people in the ‘States at the moment (not just rabid individuals like me!). The Democrats are the conservatives AND the liberals now. ‘Conservative’ is not the same as ‘authoritarian’ (‘watch the Nazis run your town’).

    What ‘conservative’ means depends on what you’re trying to conserve, which would vary depending on what country you’re in. Frank liked parts of the US constitution (the Bill of Rights) and wanted to conserve them. That kind of conservatism is starting to make a comeback, thank god.

  5. Uhh … & they really do have a debate entitled:

    “Crusades…Good or Bad?”

    Yeah, no guff mcduff … & the “Good” team looks like it’s kicking butt.

    Holy fuck.

  6. A visual conservative encyclopedia — a mouth sewn shut, eyes glued closed, ears plugged with ideas you already believe!

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