The Voice Of Cheese: SOFA

Welcome to VOC’s second installment — brought to you by SOFA and his No Rehearsal Band! The track SOFA decided to send in is a rendition of “Down In The Boondocks”. This one couldn’t be farther away musically from our first guest appearance — yet the Conceptual Continuity remains obvious – if only for the delightful doo-wop slash barbershop influences. SOFA says:

This song by Joe South has always been a favorite of mine. I remember the version by Billy Joe Royale as a kid. Then Ry Cooder redid it for an album in the early 80’s; my brother and I included it in our duo act at the time. When we whipped it out one night at an early NRB gig [Jan 27, ’07 – ed.], it just fell into place, right down to the acapella ending. It’s still one of our best numbers, and often our opening song for an evening.

The No Rehearsal Band, starring SOFA (second from the left)

Click the arrow to have a listen:


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Note: I am aware that this is a copyrighted cover. If any interested parties object, please just drop a note and I’ll remove the download link.

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9 thoughts on “The Voice Of Cheese: SOFA”

  1. A note to clarify: this performance was recorded 1/27/07; the band has been doing it for years…

  2. Hey hey heyyyyy, this be one sweet little dashboard-thumper … ‘specially lovin’ that geetar in the middle, myself, even though I’m normally much more partial t’ward the more mega-ugly phonics of gutbox-science.

    Woo, a Joe South cover t’boot.
    Muchos gracias senors!

  3. Great – thanks to all who contribute in all this. One note: After the song ends, the player starts again (at least on my machine). It was mostly stange at the previous song: because of it’s repetitve stile I did not know when it ends for real. (After 6 minutes… I became suspicious. :-) )

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