The Voice Of Cheese: Joe Cronin

It’s a joyous day here at KUR as we kick off our Voice Of Cheese series! The first contribution comes from Joe Cronin. Joe says:

It’s pretty strange but seems to have a circular sort of logic about it… I am a Big Zappa fanatic. Have known Scott Thunes for 25 years. He was a roomate of mine a million years ago — long story… Now he is a neighbor, here in San Rafael Cal.

The track is called “PLINK”. Click the arrow to have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

19 Responses to “The Voice Of Cheese: Joe Cronin”

  1. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Oh, and as you can see I’m trying out this fancy Flash-player. Let me know if it doesn’t work properly on your end…

  2. frunobulax says:

    Joe Cronin’s track is fabuloso!

    If all the enttries are this good then why don’t we make a celebratory ‘Voice of Cheese’ album already?

    Love the fancy flash player…

  3. Hairfarmer says:

    The flash player works fine. And the track is nice too ;-D Intresting texture. Almost more like a ‘sound weaving’ than a ‘sound sculpture’.

  4. fabrizio says:

    Nice piece of work for both. The track is fascinating and the flash player works fine.
    Thank you Barry for this great idea.

  5. Duncan says:

    Splendid track Joe. Could cheesy voices give some background info on how their tracks were made/recorded?

    Player is less than wonderful. No Save. No Volume/Mute control. No Looping.

  6. jim says:

    Nice lookin’ push-play gizmo … & a debut song w/ lots of extraterrestrial-like ambience; that’s not a sound Sculpture, it’s a sound Quilt – snuggly but whoa, check out the weird patchwork!

    But yeh – a plain ol’ MP3 link’s preferable … but i’m sure it’s happy now, wherever it went.

  7. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Okay: best of both worlds. Give the flash rendition a listen, if the track tickles your fancy, download. How’s that?
    Duncan: looping now enabled.

    Am I a push-over or what?

  8. LRonHoover says:

    thanks for this idea barry. it’s extremely awesome of you to do this. that’s a rad little player, and the track is definitely a lot cooler than ANYTHING i’ve heard EVER on commercial radio. Of course, much music falls into this category, but indeed… Joe Cronin thanks for the work!

  9. Bob Again says:

    Barry is keeping the internet alive and well! Many thanks.

  10. Paul Sempschi says:

    A fascinating piece, definitely overdubbage, am I hearing some tracks played backwards? Oddly Webernesque. A lovely, lovely piece.

  11. Sterbus says:

    basement music #3 live in a jungle in a moon’n-lited nite!

  12. kidkeneally says:

    this is great !!! maybe someone can do some art work for the “voice of cheese ” album – just an idea.

    Fantastic first track

  13. Ryan says:

    This is fantastic (use choice word here). It defiantly feels like a minimalistic piece of work yet it packs a full punch. Nice varity of the use of percussion and woodwind.

  14. jonnybutter says:

    Interesting piece Joe. It made my ankles feel damp….

  15. urbangraffito says:

    Are we all listening to the same piece here? Or has the concept of critical thought just flown out the window? Enough of this mutual ‘verbing the noun.’

  16. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    For those interested, Joe replied to me via email with regard to how this track came to be. Quote:

    “Well..that piece was done almost six years the time I was living in San Francisco in a apartment that was about the size of three shoeboxes stuck together..the invasion had priced me into that time I had a crappy PC with Logic Audio installed..a couple of software synths as well as hardware the great Clavia Micro Modular…a midi keyboard and a drum machine..I am primarily a guitar player but there is no guitar on it..I probably created a rhythm track..saved it as a midi file and then connected percussive samples as well as non percussive samples to it in the sequencer(Logic)..I would walk around SF in those days and record the sounds of the city with a MINI DISC recorder..create samples of those sounds..tweak them with various plugins and then play them against my rhythm a as a wav file..and then throw that mix into Logic and play other noises to of the samples I created for this piece is of my door creaking..and a Firetruck…also stuff from an antiBUSH inauguration march at city hall…but it is all mixed and treated with various effects.”

  17. mediocre says:

    Arf! I like that.

    Flash player is working fine. It’s just like what we have over at Download link is much appreciated.


  18. Jeroen says:

    Ik like the way the track starts of and the sounds you use.
    But for me it takes too much time to reach the funny ‘flute solo’ section at the end. There is not really something happening to keep me listening in the middle part.

    Bare in mind that I’m not the ambient kind of guy, I like FZ as relaxation music in between my punk & death metal frenzies, so it could be I’m not the center of your target group.

  19. ken duvall says:

    I would like to upload a short track myself, but I’ve never done it
    before, and I am not enjoying Audacity… Some of this computer
    stuff drives me crazy !!!

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