Columbus ’71

What’s that saying again, “misery loves company”? Aah yes, that’s the one. Earlier today my car decided it would be a good idea to drop dead on me, and thought the event would be even more exciting were it to occur while its owner was lost in the middle of nowhere. Well, mission accomplished, you worthless bloody ’93 build Renault Laguna piece of motorized French crap.

Luckily, Dr Sharl managed to call in a cab for me. The twenty minute drive home cost me 25 euro. Hint: don’t ever take a taxi in Belgium.

All this to present you with this week’s Friday Boot — on a Thursday: Columbus, Ohio, 23 May 1971. I’ll be off for most of the day tomorrow having the old git towed to the garage and generally throwing around money for no apparent reason.

Meantime: enjoy, and behave.

Rotterdam ’84

Now why, I hear you ask, is that Magic Fingers deigning to give us a show from the ’84 tour this week? Particularly as this tour happens to reside somewhere near the bottom of his list of favourite tours. That’s not entirely accurate. This tour resides firmly at the bottom; indeed, many of the shows from this tour have their own special “Aw, spare me, please” category (which is, I expect, a cue for a “is a bad FZ show still better than most other stuff you are ever likely to hear?” discussion).

But not, it has to be said, this one.

Why? Well, although not exactly a standard ’84 setlist, I would hardly call it inspirational either, and there is certainly very little inspiration from Frank and the boys during the first half of the set. But be patient, boys and girls. Struggle through the first half until those little furry blue creatures from your youth (well, some of your youths, I’m sure) decide to take over, and your wait will have been worthwhile.

And if you don’t find yourself laughing your cotton socks off through the second half, then Barry and I, nice chaps that we are, will give you your money back, no questions asked…

Chicago ’80

This week’s Friday Boot: Chicago, 28 November 1980.
A short review of this tour:

This is not Zappa at his best, simply because he did not take the musical chances that he did on past and future tours. It is, however, Frank at his most consistent and his nastiest, playing the guitar with a ferocious attitude that raises an oft overlooked tour to frequently great heights.

Osaka ’76

Well that was fun: we appear to have been off the airwaves for hours last night! Just be glad it didn’t happen today, as here’s this week’s Friday boot: Osaka, Japan, 3 February 1976 — aka The Eyes Of Osaka:

It is from this legendary concert that the (abridged) Zoot Allures version of “Black Napkins” is lifted, just like “Ship Ahoy” on Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar (and parts of “Duck Duck Goose” on Läther); the first and last parts of the drum solo appear on Stage #3, as “Hands with a Hammer”, duly credited to Bozzio – and the 1976 part of “Zoot Allures” on that album is also from Osaka.


Rotterdam ’79

This week’s Friday Boot: Rotterdam, 27 February 1979.
From The FZ Tape Reviewing Society:

(…) this is a typical night, great, tight performances of all the usuals. Highlites include another nice Warren C solo during Cosmik Debris (…) A terrific Andy is followed by a very explorative solo by FZ during Inca with a samba backbeat courtesy of Vinnie and Arthur.