10 thoughts on “Hollywood ’72”

  1. Wow. Now your talking. This is just the period when I was getting into Frank and the band. I’m still trying to figure out “Think It Over”. It sounds very familiar, is it “Waka Jawaka”?

  2. Lovely New Brown Clouds! very fond of that, as I am of ‘Rollo’ of the Y.S suite. I must just like funny end bits of big tunes.

    (by the way, does anyone know why Rollo wasn’t on apostrophe?)

  3. Rollo was recorded in the middle of St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast as the instrumental passage, which Ruth identified as “Rollo Interior.” There’s a YouTube video of her playing it as part of “The Making of Overnite Sensation & Apostrophe.” FZ may have cut Rollo from the end the YS suite because of the LP pressing technology; the shorter a side, the more room for the grooves, and the greater the fidelity.

  4. Why oh why doesn’t ZPT release music from this tour in high fidelity? This show is incredible!

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