6 thoughts on “New York City ’78”

  1. “Idiot Bastard Son”: In TRFZBook he said he couldn’t even pass an audition to sing in his own band. Too right: in fact ezpeshially his own band!

  2. Terrific show.
    Only thing remotely wrong here – the closing number’s missing, and it was Packard Goose!

  3. hey nice one, some really nice rarities here.

    i knew i recognised the ‘twenty one’ riff but couldn’t place it.. and upon further investigation found it is the same as the trance-fusion title track (bass) riff, but played a lot faster here.

    that packard goose really gets special in the solo section, i wonder why this band didn’t play this great song more (and i know they played it in 1979 but only in rehearsals).

  4. Thanks ! Would be fantastic if the next five weeks contained the rest of the 1978 NYC halloween gigs. …

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