Shocking outcome in kidnaped chicken case

In a baffling turn of events, Doreen, Joe Travers’ chicken that was apparently kidnaped last week was caught by papparazzi in revealing attire, along with one of her captors. The perpetrators had previously sent a ransom note demanding the famous Vaultmeister release the Roxy dvd, considered the pearl of FZ’s vault-oyster, in exchange for setting her free. Brainwashing? Gigantic hoax? See for yourself. Regardless, Joe can now breathe relieved as life goes on…

Whispers and shouts

Marcelo Gobello, a journalist in London working for the newspaper La Capital (in Argentina), reports that Dweezil Zappa is planning a world tour to play the music of his father Frank. According to Gail, “the decision already is taken, meanwhile we will be seeing how, with whom and where, but I believe that most probable will be to begin the tour by Europe the next summer (July, August 2005)”. “Unofficially, names of impressive ex–musicians of Zappa are shuffled to conform the band that will return to take to the scenes (although nonofficials several exist that are dedicated to make versions everywhere) the music and legacy of the genius of Baltimore.”

The Cucamonga Years

Mentioned in a Miles’s book recent review by David Allen: “Meanwhile, local Zappa fans Derek Miley and Adam Fiorenza are still plugging away on their documentary about the “Freak Out!” musician’s early days.” “The filmmakers, both 22, are working on a documentary focusing on Zappa’s “Cucamonga years” and campaigning for the city to memorialize the rock revolutionary. (…) is a Zappa tribute too far-out for this conservative suburb? Fiorenza and Miley don’t think so, and neither does Alexander.
“The people who listened to Zappa” in their youth, says Fiorenza, “are now the people in suits.” (reg. req. — login, pass: cucamonga)

Don’t forget to register to vote

According to an article in the major U.S. newspaper USA Today, overseas votes could make a big impact on the upcoming election. Only 51% of the potential U.S. voters showed up at the polls in 2000. This year all American voices need to be heard, but there are millions of Americans who live outside the U.S. who are not yet registered to vote. If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can use this URL to easily register to vote. This year, every vote counts!