Livin’ In The Jungle — Flo & Eddie

By the time Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan joined Frank Zappa’s second incarnation of the Mothers, not only had the Turtles disbanded, but their legal troubles had reached such epic proportions that they had lost rights not only to the band’s name, but their own ‘noms de plume’ as well so that while these cases were before the courts, neither of them could tour or perform as themselves. Thus were created the Eddie and the Phlorescent Leech (aka The Sanzini Brothers) personae out of sheer necessity.

In this clip from the Happy Together (Documentary) (1990), Volman and Kaylan explain their now famous “Manager Story” which led to their major legal entanglements.

Remember, this is not an Elton John concert!

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6 thoughts on “Livin’ In The Jungle — Flo & Eddie”

  1. Lest anybody think this kind of shit doesn’t still go on…. HA! Sometimes it’s hard to decide which class of people are worse human beings, politicians (esp. from the American Republican party) or music ‘business’ guys. For the damage and destruction they cause, it clearly has got to be pols, but for sheer stinking rotten character, it might be music industry guys.

  2. There’s little doubt that most music industry people are sharks. And at the same time, a lot of ‘musicians’ (e.g The Turtles) are dumb and/or gullible.

  3. Recommended listening:

    “I’m in the Music Business” by Jeff Simmons
    (Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, Bizarre/Straight, 1970)

    Running out of money
    Crazy going hungry
    Gotta get a part in a skin flick
    Running out of money
    Gotta put a mask on
    Grab a cat a nine tails…
    I’m in the music business

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