5 thoughts on “Compact Disc is 25 Years Old”

  1. And did you know this:

    For many years, it was claimed record label EMI had a single CD pressing plant to producing copies of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, such was the demand for that album. Dark Side of the Moon remains the archetypal CD album – who wants to get up and turn an LP over when you’re happily getting intergalactic to the Floyd’s spaced-out sounds?

  2. The CD seems to be dead. I’ve been in three stores here and there was only ONE Steely Dan CD and FIVE Frank CD’s….
    There a no more music shops, they’re all closed. In early Years the group made advertisment with the CD for the Concert. Today the Concert is the advertisment for the CD. In the Concert the people
    buy more the expensive clothes and caps then the CD’s.
    I for myself keep on buying the original CD’s like in earlier years the LP’s in believing that the artist get a little of my money for his work.
    So the CD’s are dead, how can we buy anymore music that has a better
    quality than MP3? Let’s hope for the future?Sorry for my worst english..

  3. I went to HMV in London the other day,which is meant to be the best record store in England. They used to have loads of Zappa CDs, now they hardly have any!

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