Orange Sunshine

Aah the late 60s. Hippies! Summer of love! Groovy music!


Check this trailer for an upcoming documentary of The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love, entitled Orange Sunshine:

More about The Brotherhood docu here:

The group’s headquarters, a Laguna Beach head shop called Mystic Arts World, mysteriously burned down in 1970, and two years later, law enforcement indicted several dozen members of the group. Those who weren’t arrested fled overseas. The story of the Brotherhood is one of the strangest chapters of American counter-cultural history, yet 40 years after its inception during the so-called Summer of Love, it’s one that remains little-understood and, outside the confines of Laguna Canyon, all but unknown.

“As one former member — who spoke on the condition of anonymity — told me, ‘If you remember it, you weren’t there.'”


4 thoughts on “Orange Sunshine”

  1. The more times change, the more they remain the same. This trailer seems to attempt to shine a positive light on a time that wasn’t all that positive; and focus on individuals who apparently look as though they’re still stuck in that era (or feel as if their lives had no more use beyond the sixties). Sad, sad, sad. Is there really any more room in our world now for such defeatism? I think we need more than chronic, bitter nostalgia.

    P.S. History has spoken…Timothy Leary was full of shit (particularly when it came to LSD).

  2. Ohrrrrrrrrrrr Says:

    “urbangraffito if you ever meet “history” let us know”

    History is a blind, dumb, and daft arse who never seems to learn a single a lesson from what goes on around and about him/her and is doomed to trip over the same crack in the sidewalk no matter how many times that particular path is travelled (kinda like a hippie after one too many LSD trips).

  3. They call this daft arse a merry-go-round –> I think.

    Than LSD is more filling and less fattening still confuses the shit out of me.

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