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  1. I actually saw these photos a few weeks ago and did some internet sleuthing. Apparently the “Poodle-Free Montana” thing has nothing to do with FZ (at least directly). It was created by some nutty artist in Montana named Greg Leichner.

  2. My impression was more along the lines of “New American Vagrants” rather than Beatniks. To paraphrase Patton Oswaldt:

    I agree with the Hippie ideal. I’m all for peace. I just want peace that smells like…


  3. Hmmmm… what goes best with terminal cynicism in the morning… I’ve got it! Bacon Fat from last Friday’s boot! Yum, yum, good…

  4. A distinction should be made regarding the difference between Hobo & Beatnik…

  5. I admit “beatnik” is an overly ambitious term, and I probably shouldn’t have used it. At the same time, judging from the pictures, these people — at least some of them — do not strike me as braindead hobo’s.
    They show an awareness of, a pride even perhaps in their way of living.

    Oh and as for the call for “soap”, which seems to be a recurring theme in this thread’s comments: take a time-machine, travel back to NYC’s Garrick Theatre and smell some armpits. That’ll teach you a lesson or two…

  6. I rode freights once in 1986 w/ a sibling, all the way from Saskatchewan to BC & back … very dirty loud & dangerous but the fare is right.

    Folks doing it in an open-bottomed car is just plain Championship-Stupid.
    Got to be some meth or crack “logic” afoot there.

    Soap implies water, which’s a constant plight for ANY nomad, voluntary or otherwise. Phew!

  7. It strikes me as a tad perverse that these people have apparently adopted the hobo/vagrant/bum lifestyle as a fashion statement. Unless of course it’s some bizarre post-modernist joke.

    The sweaty armpits etc of the Mothers was a by-product of their choice to be starving musicians working for Zappa! Ref: “If we’d all been living in California…” track 3 side 3 of Uncle Meat.

  8. hadn’t seen all the pics until now
    why do these people always own dogs?
    with a rope for a collar
    i guess it’s ok if you choose to be this way
    some of them seem happy
    i like the guy eating a banana with hot sauce
    but there is not enough hot sauce in the world
    to entice me to eat that possom

  9. WTF ? Did they let Manson out of prison ?
    They look like the Charles manson auxillary leauge.
    Fucking hippies. Who is passing the new red crabs ?
    who is passing those crabs these days ?
    Are we supposed to be impressed ?

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