Let’s Move To Cleveland?

Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will be featuring a week-long series of events in honour of Frank Zappa, starting February 13.

Several musicians including guitarist Adrian Belew and longtime Zappa sideman Ike Willis will help celebrate his legacy, which includes 60 albums-worth of material. […] Many events are free and open to the public, but space must be reserved.

Is anyone planning to attend any of these? Feel free to say “Yes!” and rub it in… :)

10 thoughts on “Let’s Move To Cleveland?”

  1. Yep, we’ll be there for both shows and everyone should hang around Ohio for an extra two days because the Adrian Belew Power Trio will not only be performing at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio on Friday, February 16, it will be a warm up for the Saturday night show at The Southgate House, a haunted mansion in Newport, Kentucky, where the trio will record Ade’s latest CD, Side Four Live, in front of a packed, hometown (Ade grew up there) town! So you can not only hear a week of great shows honoring Mr. Zappa, you can be part of the screaming audience heard on Ade’s new CD Saturday, February 17.

    Robin Slick

  2. According to the R&R Hall’s website Ike’s participation is performing with Project/Object! Cool that they get to be part of the celebration.

    I’m surprised Gail is allowing that. Of course maybe she hasn’t heard yet…

  3. I’ve seen several reincarnations of Project/Object, always w/Ike at the helm of course, last time w/Napoleon, once w/Tommy Mars and B.Fowler! I never understood why Dweezil or anyone would have a beef with them, I loved every show I’ve seen. Adrian Belew in the lineup is guaranteed fun, no question.

  4. I would love to check this out, but it’s not financially feasible for me at this time.

    I too am pleasantly surprised that all of this is happening without lawsuit threats from Gail. It think it’s great that P/O is involved. I’ve seen them three times (once with Napoleon, all three with Ike) and they’re amazing.

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