6 thoughts on “Yellow Snow”

  1. “Residents are advised not to use snow for their household or technical needs”
    This sounds like Yellow Snow combined with Thing Fish.
    What can be the ‘technical need’ for which somebody will gatther a generous quantity of yellow snow?

  2. OK, that’s it over there right now.

    Let’s be both future oriented and forward looking.
    It’s all about pollution.
    Cleaning up the mess could lead to
    (1) well, cleaning up,
    (2) inventing new technologies to do that job,
    (3) more and good jobs.

  3. that’ll certainly be the last we’ll hear of Siberia. Any Russian spies living near Omsk?

  4. I have a suspicion that, presently, Vlad Putin will make Joseph Stalin
    look like a kindergarten teacher.

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