Wherein Barry Blatantly Copies The ZFT Newsletter

… for those who didn’t receive the Zappa Plays Zappa email…

Starting now, you have a chance to bid on premium seats, a tour poster, and access to sound check the night of the show. Starting Wednesday, Sept 27th, ALL Shows (except for Vancouver, which is on-sale at a later date) will run a pre-sale. You can get your tickets for that here. The New Orleans and Cabazon shows will not have auctions – instead, for $100, you will have access to the Zappa Plays Zappa soundcheck, as well as tickets to the show. These tickets are very limited and only available through the Front Gate presale, starting on Wed, Sept 27th.

Auction info & links at ticketmaster.com:

Special guests for all shows are Napoleon Murphy Brock, Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio — although Terry will not be performing at the December 30 show. For full tourdates, check the official site.

15 thoughts on “Wherein Barry Blatantly Copies The ZFT Newsletter”

  1. Wherein Barry Blatantly Copies The ZFT Trance-Fusion Promotional Material

    …what’s that? you say there isn’t any such thing to copy? oops. our fuck-up. we’ll get right on that!

  2. $200 and you get to take a leak with your favorite band member.

    $300 and you get to come on the bus!

  3. Once upon a time, back in 1988, fans were invited to attend a soundcheck for free. It really happend. Brighton Conference Centre, Wembley Arena.

  4. WTF? Auctioning tickets?

    I guess the old, tired tradition of just
    selling tickets is passe or gauche.

    This little scheme is not abominable,
    but it’s a little bit cheesey.
    Just a little.

  5. I suppose this proves that the ZFT has really gone corporate! And you know what the mental state of corporations are: psychotic! Anything and everything FZ for a buck…fz buttons…fz moustache combs…fz toenail clippings…fz chewing gum…fz lunch boxes…ona’s tits! The ZFT really know how to turn off a loyal fan base in a short period of time. Personally, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve purchased the FZ catalogue (first vinyl, followed by cassette, then CD), only to see the ZFT money grub in this fashion. They’ll have to do a lot better in the future if I’m going to part with any more hard earned dollars.

  6. Why yes, ZarFt, it’s tres Bee-Zar that there’s a PANTLOAD of teaser-output 4 that MOFO thing, yet circa Dodley-Squat around the T-F artifact. I’m even more prone 2 engage in recklessly abandoned chagrin-mongering vis-a-vis the earnestly repeated boast that Zappa had about TEN or TWENTY (or more) albums’-worth of pre-tweezed yet Fully Prepped Audio-Poodles stochastically girning upon their wee dainty meta-leashes … uh, hates 2 break it 2 yez nice white folks now, but my neurons count about 2 or 3 worthy of the name from 1994 until “now” so someone’s gone & done made theyselves a Gross-Fiscal-Projectium Vector-Optimizer Jackpot via choosin’ 2 hit de ol’ MOOT button on someone’s Famous Dead Whitey ass, no foolin’!

    Oooh, & wouldn’t ya know it, that 12/20 Lotusland gig is the ONLY one still TBA. Hrrrrm!

  7. jim – i have no fucking idea what you are talking about, but i will agree with you anyway.

    are you a homeless person? i don’t have any spare change. i’m just gonna smile and nod and hope you just move along.

    lay off the rotgut, brother. that shit’ll kill ya.

    anyway – it’s quite clear that the zft thinks they are fine. in truth, they ain’t hittin’ on nothin’ but the boutique frame of mind.

  8. I actually hate seeing the ZFT taking/getting credit for a distasteful business practice as if they were creative enough to invent it.

    They didn’t. They are once again merely taking advantage of some other person’s/corporation’s marketing genius.

    This ticket auction/value-add package thing is a creation of the ticket-selling industry (ticketmaster, etc.) as an attempt on their part to get some of the cash that otherwise might go to a third-party seller (scalper). I’d be curious what the ZFT share of the action might be. My first guess would be minimal.

    Still, the chance to take a wizz with the Dweez is a tough one to pass up!

  9. okay bob – then exactly who came up with the idea of the everybody but FZ tour known as ZPZ? And isn’t this just an unbridled attempt at cashing in on the man’s music? I mean, without the main taskmaster present, I find the postumous performances of his his works (to a large extent by cover bands with former FZ bandmates) to be a tad sloppy.

    I’ll pass on taking a wizz with the Dweez.

  10. …ever hear of son of Duke, Mercer Ellington – as a recent example?

    I’m sure there were offspring of cave guys and gals playing their parents’ enticing beats on tree trunks long before that.

  11. please forgive me, bob – I bow to the bigger brain in these matters – I just get peeved when I see such obviously talented people money grub (like, Freak Out Ale, c’mon!) in this way. Let’s see the Dweez do something completely unique (i.e. America The Beautiful), we know he has the chops, but does he got the balls! danger! danger!

  12. Beer is for poodles, so the ZFT should drink it by
    themselves. Frank would surely get pissed when
    he would knew this beerwanking news.

  13. ubg – i think we are in basic agreement on matters related to ZFT…as for the size of my brain, most have compared it to a pea, a small one, at that!

  14. oh my god! then mine must be microscopic! perhaps this is why i’m so single-minded!

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