10 thoughts on “For Betterment Of Kazachstan!”

  1. Here in the ‘States, we can’t WAIT for the Borat movie! Baron Cohen used to have a show on the cable network HBO, and the Borat character from it was incredibly funny – makes you laugh so hard you almost puke. Don’t miss it.

  2. hey johnnybutter, speak for yourself– I could wait 1000000000000 years & not miss it one bit.
    as far as making you puke, yes, it just might… not quite from laughing, though.

  3. A “major” network news feature on this guy last night included a certain kazach official, interviewed to express his country’s outrage. His butchered “english” was funnier than Borax himself. I think the kaZFT should sue.

    Let’s hopefully not piss off K-stan. We cheerfully need their oil!

  4. Glad to see my choice of words reverberates in the canyons of your whacky and zany minds… I’d be the last to get in between you and… fun.
    Puke to your hearts content. Cheerful trails, and plenty TV to all of youse…

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