8 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Paris”

  1. All I see is an image (red background, white text) that reads: “PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. KILLUGLYRADIO.COM”.
    Is that what I’m supposed to see? :-/

  2. Oh, sure, right – like anyone HASN’T made the conceptual connect between Paris Hilton & “Trout Mask Replica” … just nice 2 see her finally emerge “downstream” w/ a smile that’ll hopefully land a few extra rubles into the Captain’s dirty blue genes.

    Spawn THIS!

  3. …she looks a bit like the fish, doesn’t she?

    (re: “PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. KILLUGLYRADIO.COM” message…I get the same thing when I view the site through a (low tech person needing handholding from corporate giant/thug type) friend’s machine via AOL.

    You all know how I feel about AOL. Now we all know how they feel about Barry…it’s their loss, I guess.)

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