Tehran Dog Breath Variations

“It’s a good life when you are trying to get things started that are impossible,” he said. “Such as the Tehran Symphony Orchestra playing Frank Zappa.”

Nader Mashayekhi, the orchestra’s new leader, takes it all in stride. In fact, he took the job leading the 80-member ensemble in the Iranian capital “because it’s impossible”.

(via David Ocker via email)

One thought on “Tehran Dog Breath Variations”

  1. This is indeed very interesting.

    1. In the past western religion had exactly the same attitude to women. For instance all soprano partitions in J S Bach’s cantates were taking care of by … young boys ( in Bach’s time). Women were not allowed to to sing in the church.
    2. I fully agree with Enzensberger: modernising the islam culture will prove to have just one meaning, i e allowing women to play an independent role. Women are indeed the secret agents of modernity.
    3. Building bridges between cultures without producing so – called ” world music”? Is it possible? Yes, take for instance the big bridge builder ( percussion / drums ) India – Western Culture http://www.trilokgurtu.net/ . The same goes for Ikue More, http://www.ikuemori.com/: how to make truly new music, using a Koto & a laptop.

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