Dead Of Summer

I’m in the middle of another holiday week as you may have noticed. Not much to report really. So far I’ve:


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  1. After a couple of days spent on Trivia on the Wiki

    I am mostly avoiding the Objective C and Final Cut Pro books I promised myself I would work through by noodling around the Interweb watching watching a chimp play Pac-Man and seeing what Harvey Pekar has been up to lately.

    Now if I can’t find my Irish Whistle I will come over for a lengthy Woody Allen screening…. or maybe I should mow the lawn before it rains again.

    No preview button :( Fingers crossed that some of these links work :)

  2. Duncan: Objective-C… the shock! The horror! Have you given php/mysql/apache a whirl on your mac? Marc Liyanage has some nice ‘n easy-to-install packages. Sure, php wasn’t meant to be object oriented from the beginning but I hear php 5 has pretty good OOP support — take it from a procedural monkey like me. :)

    Bob Again: I feel your pain — especially after that visit to the Mexican restaurant.

  3. My workload has tripled; I aint feeling too good about a TBN update at the end of August…
    But then, I noticed the “we’re going to do it soon kids; no, really” update hasn’t occured either…
    (Mowed the lawn Monday – damn near died. This Global Broiling is for the birds!)
    With a little luck, workload normalcy should happen sometime in Late September.
    Holiday? You guys take Holidays?!?

  4. Got a Webcam & am thus performing my “music” on YouTube – y’can hunt me there under “jamesmorgandavies” if yer ears’ve been extra-bad & deserve a good sound spanking. Oh, alas, it seems my No-Wave influence is coming back 2 haunt me – just like my overall absence o’ musishninship & my tragic allergy 2 detectable song structure. Sigh.

    But i AM enjoying it, in my own sick way.

    Ship Ahoy!

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