A Mothers album without Zappa?…

This is Flo, Mark Volman of Flo & Eddie; I wanted to write and say hello to you all, and I wanted to clear up a few rumors:
# 1 Howard ( Eddie) and I never sued Frank or the family. In fact I believe that Gail and the family would tell you that we are the only ones that never did sue them.
We enjoyed our time with The Mothers and I think the only fallout we ever had was when Frank was pushed off the stage at the Rainbow and we were forced to make a record by Warner Brothers to fulfill a contract obligation. With Frank out of work we made the record with the remaining members Anysley, Don, George Duke and Jim Pons. Frank, on his back at the time, felt we had taken the band from him. That misunderstanding was cleared up and we remained friends with Frank until his too early death. I even helped him with choices of takes on the Playground Psychotics record and provided much of the backstage recordings for that record.
We loved Frank. We loved singing with him and we miss him very much.

Surprise. From zappa.com’s forum (message nr. 17), May 2005. Did anyone hear about it? What do you say?…

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  1. I’d like to register that “The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie” is an absolutely fantastic pop album. I bugged Mark Volman about it coming out on CD a few years back, and he said it was “impending”…I guess that fell through. I’ve attempted to make some LP–>CD transcriptions of the thing, but all US pressings seem to be made out of wax paper, and so they don’t come out too terribly great.

  2. Flo & Eddie’s albums are great pop-rock-humor laced gems. The one Mark Volman was referring to was their Reprise debut. Their second, “Flo & Eddie”, is even better. I guess if you love the Vaudeville band (like I do), you’ll love their albums. My thinking is that the Flo & Eddie Mothers years were too “local” for most tastes.

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