8 thoughts on “Damn time difference”

  1. Just listened to an interview via telephone, via wusb, with david walley. Amongst the conclusive comments was a hello to the good dr sharleena. Supposedly listening in belgium. Well, by proxy maybe…

  2. Ah, thanks for the acknowledgement, bert. I couldn’t get that one, i was too tired.
    It’s a pity there was a lot of people that couldn’t connect to the station in any moment. I know for sure they would have liked the show.

  3. Hi – The show was real good….. Can anyone tell me where/when was the crazy version of “You Didn’t Try To Call Me” from ?

  4. I (like many others for sure) didn’t manage to get connected to the show. So can anybody help me out with sort of a setlist of the whole program, or show a link to it ?? Thanks! Just would like to get an idea of what I have missed here …

  5. Apparently John Tobacco recorded the whole thing on MP3 – Details at some point in the future….

  6. Weird…
    I, having read the good Doctors HP entry, responded with a fatuous – tho humorous – quip along the lines of “It’s late and you ‘can’t keep it up’, Doc? I get 20 – 30 offers a day offering to help me with that very problem; shall I forward them to you?”
    I’m pretty sure it posted; I recall reading it again after I hit post…
    I know you guys wouldn’t ever censor anything I have to say, but I thought it might have been removed due to it’s admitted poor taste. My humor often borders on the tasteless. I wonder what happened to it?
    Anyway, response 1 = lame joke; response 2 = even more lame (still loving funny tho’). Forget I responded.
    Love the new look, btw.

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